Holiday insurance help please?

Hi All,

Can anyone please help me/advise me on where to go/get ‘Holiday Insurance’ for an upcoming holiday please?

I have MS and was aware a few months ago that this site ‘reccommended’ a firm that did it specifically for people who have MS. Just want everyone to be covered and not beed to worry on this issue see.

Ty in advance

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Anna x

This is covered in another post I think ?

We have holiday insurance as part a package with our bank, it covers mobile phone loss, gadget loss, RAC breakdown, holiday insurance, home emergency cover, it’s called Barclays Additions and costs £17 per month.

As for the MS, all we needed to do was inform the bank of the MS and they noted it on our holiday insurance cover, no extra in premiums or restrictions in cover.

I really cannot understand people going to “specialist” insurance companies.

The same applies to our life insurance, I just rang up Aviva, told them about the MS, they paid for me to have a medical and wrote to my neuro, a few weeks later they offered a policy with a slight increase in premiums, but that was because I declared my high blood pressure, the MS made no difference !

I’ve had all he policies back showing my MS and other medical conditions.

These “specialist” insurance companies are a con if you ask me !angry

I was actually put in touch with a broker through this site, but found that the quotes they came back with were ridiculous, so I just rang around a few insurance companies myself.

Freedom insurance deal with people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

And I bet they charge a good premium to provide cover !!!

Try normal routes of insurance first is my advice.

I ùsed staysure they were the most reasonable

All clear I have m.s. and epilepsy and they are very reasonable in feed hope you get sorted☺

I just use the holiday insurance that comes with my Additions Plus package with my bank account. It covers everything from holiday insurance, car break down, boiler cover, central hating cover, gadget cover, mobile phone cover. It even extends manufacturers guarantees on new purchases for an extra 12 months. As for the MS, as long as you’ve informed them (Bank) theres no restrictions on the holiday insurance cover. All for £17 per month.