£500 to my dreams.

How would you spend it?

My List:

Just bought myself a violet coloured raincoat in marks and sparks, so will but another colour

Some more comfy but smart leggings

New tops from Phase Eight

Book myself for a full day of pampering therapies…with Thornton choccies on the side

City break inclusive of theatre with hubby…if he’s good

Wonder if I’ve spent up

Go on, indulge yourself and humour me…I’m stuck in with the snow…tell me how you would spend your £500


he he,

Any or one or two of these

£500 worth of malteasers!!!

£500 worth of chocolate!!!

Trip to see my friend in Lincs

Trip to see family in the Wirral

Trip to see family in Middlesex

Trip to see friend in Preston

Trip to Spain (to my friends property out there)

Will keep thinking…

Yah mean no new shoes or clothes!! what kind of woman are you

Hadn’t finished the list yet…these were on my next one…

I’d try to be sensible & put in my savings account. But if it’s meant to be for treats, then shopping trip in London. More than £500 would be nice :smiley: Curious what would you do with £500 worth of malteasers? :smiley: lol

This is a dream thread minnie. If there was a snowball smiley, I would be throwing one at you now


If yah want more than £500, have your own blooming dream…some people tut tut tut

eat them probably take about 3 months, knowing the way I gobble them up

I love spending money in London

A new wardrobe (got some nice one’s at that Swedish store!!!) lol, I meant lots of new clothes and shoes

New TV (one that does everything but vaccum your living room)

Sorry, I’m a bit of a bore. I’d maybe treat myself to a bunch of flowers or something, but put the rest away.

I could spend £500 today, if I really wanted to, but I figure it’s tomorrow’s food money or utility bill - not literally tomorrow, but some time in the future.

I suppose if I had an unexpected £500, that’s not part of the pot I’ve got to live on, I do need new glasses (complex prescription - about £400) and a new phone. Glasses and a phone are hardly luxuries, these days, are they? But they’re things I’m putting off buying. The glasses because I can still see out of them. They’re probably no longer my perfect prescription, but I can’t afford to routinely replace every two years, at £400 a time, as the optician would have me do. The phone much the same. It still works - as a phone. It was an expensive one at the time (bought out of my critical illness payout), but I’ve barely used any of the functions - in fact hardly use it at all, even as a phone. My account has been disabled before, because I didn’t use it for so long. The problem now is that the battery has started to run down very quickly. It may be just a matter of a new battery, but as it’s about four years old, I’m not sure they still do them. I’m questioning whether I really ought to buy a smartphone at all, the next time, as I don’t use any of the “smart” stuff, or the camera. I really only have it for emergencies - and then don’t take it with me anyway! I am attracted to the expensive, high spec ones, but realise from past experience that I never use any of it. I actually turned the internet connectivity OFF, because it was connecting automatically every time I left the house, and then telling me I’d “only” been charged £1 - for access I didn’t want or need! I found no way to stop it doing it (set it to “always ask” - but it still wouldn’t). Eventually disabled the lot to prevent the “surprise” £1 debits whenever I took it out with me.



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What would you spend it on minnie? or is it too hot to share



This is a dream thread, sensible is not allowed. Allow your mind to dream and come up with something, you really really want but can do without

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There’s some really nice jewellery on Etsy - unusual stuff you don’t see in the shops. But absolutely everywhere needs decorating, and the back door needs replacing…is that too sensible again? Don’t s’pose I’d get much decorating for £500 anyway. Maybe the smallest room?



Actually I think i will revise my own list lol

I’m thinking

Jewellery, I like it Blah Blah Blah to the rest

A foot massage by someone who looks like a young Sean Connery

Younger Colin Firth for me, not just a foot massage tho!

Oooh I say cherrylips, spare my blushes

Is that your dirty mind at work again Blossom?!!! I meant an all over body massage, what did you mean?