he`s saving up for one of those

Hiya all.

I was out yesterday for my weekly trip with my bootiful carers. Having a luvly bit of retail therapy {nowt like it}, when this scruffy man, who looked like he could do with a good wash, and had a dog on a long bit of rope, approached me and said,

You like a lady of leisure and pleasure, with all those bags and on that super dooper speed machine. Im saving up for one of those.`

So I said, Do you want the legs to go with it? Because if I get out of this, Ill fall flat on my face!He said,Yeh, I bet you can run round your house with no trouble.I then saidOh yeh, and Im a benefit cheat…I then added that he should get his dog on a shorter lead incase I ran into it!

I know this stuff is all normal in the day of a life of a full time wheelie…but…grrrr. Stupid man and poor dog, eh?

luv Pollx

I hope you didn’t let his ignorant remark spoil your well deserved retail therapy Poll

Silly man…fancy the poor dog being stuck with such a narrow minded individual.

More importantly!! did you buy new clothes

Ignorant chap. Poor dog landed with such an owner. As my old dad said “nowt as queer as folk”. Hope you took the comment with the contempt it deserved and didn’t let it spoil your day. Did your retail therapy result in lovely new purchases? Do tell

One of the guys here in work was complaining that there are three disabled spaces at the front of the building which are never used and he reckons there should only be one so someone can park there.

I argued that someone who works here might need one and then we’d need more for visitors and he said nobody in here has a disability. I told him he should be grateful he can walk from the carpark to the building, it’s only an extra few metres and if he wants a space beside the door he can take the disability to go with it. Grrrrr.

I’m still well able to walk and have no problem walking from one side of the carpark to the other. I’m grateful to be able to do it!

The times, someone passing me, when l am out on my Tramper with dogs, shout out ‘’ Thats cheating’’ or ‘‘What a good way to exercise your dogs’’ - its usually the cycling brigade - in their bright hi-vis lycra. Makes me feel like smashing into one of them and knocking them all down like dominoes - then saying - ‘Now you can qualify for a disabled scooter’ but l don’t. l just smile!!!

Good answers everyone, cheers! Yes, I did buy some new clothes…a jumper, a t shirt and leggings.

Do ya know what? They are all baggy on me.

Ive been doing slimming world diet for 2 weeks, plus started taking green tea diet caps and using detox foot patches,,,,,,, from £ shop.............see the colour of them after use...............theyve got summat called chitosan in them …googled it and it`s a fat buster!.

When I lose weight it always goes off my shoulders first…wonder when it`ll melt off me belly!

Nah, that mucky fellas remarks havent upset me…Boudica`s made of tougher stuff than that!

luv Pollxx

I would’ve been tempted to say “You look like a tramp who is clearly saving money on soap and toiletries but I was taught not to judge a book by its cover!”

I’m glad you didn’t take his comments to heart, perhaps he has been sleeping under a pile of Daily Mail newspapers lately and has been reading their clap trap?!

It sounds as if your diet is going very well, Poll. That must have given you a real confidence boost. You’ll be shopping for lots of new clothes soon - in a smaller size.

Tracey xx