Any money in the world to cheer you up, what would you buy?

So, someone has left you a whole pile of cash in an envelope in order to cheer you. Not enough to buy a house or a car…but the smaller things in life…epicureans do your shopping!

I have posted pictures of my new buys thanks to that lovely donator of cash.

Ha. Nice work. Defo update wardrobe. Where do you live Rebecca? You are my sister’s age. I am 28 and live in London. xx

mmm, certainly food for thought there! Think I`ll go for some treatments, like refelxology, massage with lovely smelling oils.

luv POllx

New wardrobe… major weighloss few years ago and left job not long after . need new clothes.

Any left over cash would go on a nice massage.

hmmmmmmmm I reckon a pair of hot pink louboutins or a mulberry handbag!

For ‘any money in the world’ it would have to be an invisible porta-loo [yet to be invented]. lt would follow me around - and when l need to use it - l would be ‘invisible’ inside it. Can’t think of anything more useful or desirable.



Without a shaddow of doubt I would buy a FES machine. But if I had a bigger chunk of money (it is dreaming after all!) then I would buy a forrest and a house next to it, so I can position a huge French window on one side of the house so that I can watch nature coming and going all day while I watch from the other side of the window.

Best wishes,


I would pay for a mad geneticist to give me stem cells for everything wrong with me

Hi All.

Im with you Moira,well the second part anyway,if i close my eyes i can see it.[had to google what a fes machine was.]

Any chance we can have some deer in it as well.

Take Care.



An aeroplane complete with crew to take me anywhere in the world to catch up with the folk that I love.

Ellie x

sparkly things

pretty shoes

clothes that fit (lost weight, nothing fits any more!)

What a lovely thing to happen. I would have a full body massage, new wardrobe and a new leg for my husband.

That does sound odd, but he had an op’ and it’s still not right so hence the new leg!!

Janet x

I’d give a decent chunk of it away (I heard about a study where everybody was given £100 and then split into two groups, with one being told to spend it on themselves and the other being told to spend on others; unsurprisingly, the second group all felt happier).

Then the rest I’d probably give to my beloved Portsmouth Football Club…


A scratch card for everybody



Thats exactly what I did at my birthday party last year! There were only 22 there!

Love to you both. (I would visit you in my plane!)

E xxx

Nice on E,then we could scatter the scratch cards to all over everywhere.

Actually I bet scratch cards figure largely in the Greek economic solution,

S+S x

i would buy my beloved rangers and pay there debt off.

Does that mean we’d need to buy a place with a landing strip!

Please don’t land on our caravan…



I’m telling Clarkson and the boys you’ve got a caravan.

All great answers. HAHAHA. Thanks guys! X