Out and about

I was out Christmas shopping this morning again, trying to maximise the precious free time I have. The whole of Camberley seems to be in desperate fear of starving to death by the look of things.

Amidst the pandemonium there was a woman selling The Big Issue with the shoppers largely ignoring her. I walked past and then turned back to give her some money for a copy, and to ask her what she might eat today. The reply was “a sandwich”.

As I was walking round the shops I thought about what I would eat tonight, and the same for the crowds I had seen.

That poor woman and others like her will be hungry while we eat for England this Christmas.


Great post, M.

The reality is people are literally starving or worse-homeless, freezing, or worse-completely alone, homeless, freezing, hungry. Even one bag of groceries donated to a food bank is very appreciated. Most food bank charities will give those interested in helping a list of the most needed items and believe me they are not luxury items, they are basic necessities.

Perhaps everyone cound consider doing one thing this season, however small, to help those less fortunate because the numbers people who are truly struggling are growing.

Think of some reason to be grateful, there must be one… because you can never be too grateful.


what a great post!

my local sainsburys ran a scheme where shoppers were asked to buy some of the basics range and leave them in a big box by the door. it was easy and convenient. no need to deliver them anywhere.

they only did it for a week though.

my husband doesnt like christmas and gets very grumpy. i get sick of hearing him say how much he hates it so i suggested he goes to help at a food kitchen so that me and the kids can enjoy it.

he never went to a food kitchen but doesnt moan any more.

i always buy a big issue and stop for a chat. a guy from eastern europe has a spot near us and he always likes a chat, says it helps him with his english.

when i get out of my car and come in saying that i’m freezing, i always get a pang in my conscience. we don’t know what its like to be really freezing, sleeping outdoors in this weather.

i’ll ask at church because they are usually good at helping people.

peace and love

carole x