oh what a night

hi everyone

not sure how anyone else feels, but the term ‘turkeys voting for christmas’ springs to mind…

all the best fluffyollie xx


fluffyollie …thats just what it feels like,it really does, i am gutted.

J x


Well, I didn’t see that coming and the politics of fear has clearly won the day. I can cope with defeat, but it’s the hope I can’t stand.

I guess we can now look forward to five more years of ideological carnage.


It seemed like the “I’m alright Jacks” voting for more of the same without thinking of the greater good and without considering the less fortunate.

This morning’s news set off my stomach issues and I was a little late for work as I had a bad belly :frowning: The prospect of 5 more years of job insecurity, pay freeze, WTC freeze and benefit cuts was so depressing and scary.

I can only hope that some of yesterday’s voters are targeted in the next round of cuts or they find their job isn’t as stable as they thought and have to claim some of the benefits - it will be no good them looking for sympathy from me.

My own dad told me he doesn’t believe there is a need for food banks because he saw a TV programme which showed a woman rejecting ingredients to make a meal as she couldn’t cook and another woman who refused to give up smoking but still wanted handouts from the food bank. I did my best to point out that these TV shows about people on benefits do not paint a realistic picture and I told him about people who have been sanctioned for attending family funerals where the job centre were aware but refused to change their appointment but I fear he didn’t listen. The media have had a big part to play in the public’s perception of benefit claimants, the disabled etc.

What has this country turned into?



MrsJ- i join you in those tears.

tell me about it Whammel… NHS scrapped, school funding directed towards academies, massive spend on nuclear weapons that (hopefully) will never be used, breaking trade links and making enemies in Europe, more privatisation of British institutions. i am genuinely upset over this crappy result that has happened due to the politics of fear and ignorance over logic and compassion.

i can’t even think how smug and power hungry the tories are feeling now…


i had not even thought about the food banks tracey- christ, how depressing, appalling and truely cretinous a way that success is measured by…


One comment. God Help Us!!


my wolfie smith alter ego is moulting and has mange!

i’ve always been interested in general elections but this one i really went to town on.

canvassing and having posters in my window.

now i’m depressed and demoralised (and knackered).

best (worst) bit is that boris johnson will probably be PM next.

what a national embarrassment and shame!


I truly think this country will rue the day they put this lot back in power.


Tried to stay up and watch results but fell asleep and woke up to a nightmare.

Am I still asleep.


sorry ronin- nightmare is a reality.

one small grain on positivity is that farage has lost his seat. still can’t manage to bring a smile to my face though…


At least Esther ‘Cruella’ McVey has lost her seat so will have to put her broomstick away. I suspect the head of the #ToryDeathSquad IDS is still in his seat. I am absolutely devestated and we will all now continue to have a sickening heart sinking feeling when we get a brown envelope marked DWP through the letterbox. I suspect the stress of this result will cause relapses in many of us but we must face the next five years with the same strength that we face our MS. United we stand! Jenny xx


Well my friend where we’re your preferred party in opposition thing wouldn’t be as bad if they had done there jobs at the beginning off the last parliament they are gone but one up here

Sorry, I genuinely don’t understand what you’re saying… please can you explain as am interested…


The public have spoken (well over 60% of them anyway). At least there is no hung parliament and we can try to get Britain on a stronger footing.

i appreciate that each person has their own personal choice when voting and I made mine.


the rules under the tory government:

don’t be poor,

don’t be sick

don’t be old.

(saw this somewhere and it says it all)


They were Neil Kinnock’s comments back in 1983 just before Mrs Thatcher won her 2nd election. History repeating itself?

Particularly when, just before this election, Cameron actually did a humerous parody of that speech to business leaders.

"Under a Labour government, he said, there would be more borrowing, more debt, more tax. He even performed a little parody of Neil Kinnock’s “I warn you” speech from the 1983 election campaign (Mr Kinnock warned voters not to be poor; Mr Cameron’s version warned business people not to be rich). "…-almost-a-little-too-much.html

Gawd help us all


i see what you mean- totally the case and that i understand.

perhaps what i’m dismaying is the unambiguously negative effect that a tory government will inevitably spell the end of the NHS as we know it, and mindful of how many on here presumably rely on it.

my concerns with tory education policy are founded in personal experience as a teacher of 18 years- state schools are penalised for not becoming academies by having smaller budgets given to them. academies end up being run like businesses where the books must end up in profit.

unfortunately there are many turkeys who have indeed voting for christmas as witnessed in my wife’s work today (she works in a primary school), where some staff are so unbelievably misinformed as to what they’ve actually voted for is breath-taking (‘what do you mean they are planning to privatise the NHS? i didn’t know that…’).

the common response when faced with a non-tory opinion is ‘where we were left in 2010’… what short memories people have of the state that things were left in 1997.


As for putting Britain on a stronger footing what worries me is who will be trampled under that foot.


ed milliband sent me an email apologising for the outcome of the election.

i replied that i blamed the media and the fact that there are an awful lot of people who think anything printed in a newspaper must be the truth!

i also said that i would continue campaigning.

the tone of his email was lovely and he sounds like a humble person, a quality that i find impossible to imagine david cameron having!

keep the red flag flying brothers and sisters!!

carole x