What're the chances!

Went to Tesco today, my first trip out properly for 6 weeks, hit my peak and knew I had to stop so headed for the tills. All was fine (in an ms less than fine way) until it came to pay and my card wasn’t in my purse! The thought of all that effort shopping being wasted was the final straw and I thought I’d collapse there on the floor. The lady serving said “are you ill? You look awful!” I said it was my first trip out in 6 weeks as I’ve been ill with whats likely to be ms and she said it was her first day back in work after 6 weeks off ill with ms!!

She saved all my shopping right there by her till, another assistant was very helpful too and my daughter drove my card in while I sat and had a cup of tea. Having read some stories on here recently about bad experiences thought I’d share this nicer one.

Happy Christmas!


Lovely tale.

what a lovley story kindess comes in all shapes and sizes happy christmas xx

That was lucky! At least she knew what you were going through. Glad it turned out ok, I collapsed at a till in Iceland (supermarket not the country) 2 years ago at Christmas and burst into tears; as I made up my mind from there not to worry about Christmas stuff too much any more.

Happy Christmas to you too.



Aw that was really good of them, glad you didn’t have to do all your shopping again another day!

What a lovely thing to hear, so glad you were ok and they helped you. Just a suggestion why not do your main shopping on the net and just go and get odds and bobs in future? Have a lovely Christmas.

Janet x

This time last year we were snowed in - only the tractors and 4x4’s - and this mad lady on her Tramper - could get out and about. l came across a Tesco delivery van stuck in a snow-drift. The driver was a young lady, all on her own and very frightened. l got her mobile number - and then l contacted three local farmers to see if they could come to her aid. They were all out - one digging out Tesco’s carpark - another Aldi’s and the third at Sainsburys.

They all said they would do what they could - and as you can guess - they did all eventually turn up TOGETHER!! But they soon got the poor girl out of the snow and on her way. So reading your post - One good turn deserves another.

l have found shops like Tesco always willing to help - don’t be shy about asking.

l was buying hanging baskets, with my mum, at the garden centre. A young man helped hang them on the dog guard in the back of the car for us.Mum said ‘All we need is someone to lift them out the other end and hook them up’. So the ‘young man’ followed us home and did just that. [ l think mum has let him go now]

Best wishes