I blew my ESA money...never again.

I need a rant! What a palaver! Went shopping today with Mark. The wheelchair is meant to fold but gets stuck so we leave it up. Both footrests point in different directions and it’s a flipping nightmare really. It was given to us by the Salvation Army! Anyway, it stays in the car. The car is a small Fiesta and we have to keep the back seats down. Off we go shopping and Mark helps me into the passenger seat. We have to visit three shops. First we go to Farm Foods to get the frozen meat. We get there and there is a lumpy tart taking up the disabled bay. Absolutely nothing wrong with her by the look of her loading the car, but we have to move to the shop next door to use their disabled bays. In we go the same time as somebody with a blue badge pulls up next to us. Out jumps this bloke as spritely as you can be and he walks around with his hands in his pockets. Probably not his blue badge but his mothers! Mark gets the wheelchair out and then has to tackle getting me into it. He manages and secures the footrests on the chair. He doesn’t bother to make sure my leg is out of the way before he bangs one into place. OUCH! Dozy pillock! He pushes me into Farmfoods and declares that he hasn’t got a pound for a trolley. They don’t have wheelchair trolleys anyway so we couldn’t use one. He sits a basket on my lap. 6 packs of chicken breasts 2 whole chickens 2 packs of minced beef 8 cartons of milk 2 curry sauces 2 large packs of 40 sausages 4 large packs of white fish All on my lap over spilling the basket by miles. You can hardly see me. And I get pushed out of the shop laden like a pack horse. And I can’t use my right arm. Back to the car to unload. Next door is Lidl. 2 loaves of bread Packs of onions Parsnips Peppers Crispbreads 24 tins of cat food 2 boxes of cat biscuits 3 packs of cat chewies Corned beef 2 tins of baked beans The 24 tins of cat food did it. Once again loaded like a pack horse he pushes me to the car. Unloads, puts me in the car and off we go to Aldi. He has to park in a mother and baby bay because they are closer than the disabled bays. Actually, I didn’t see any. Once again no wheelchair trolleys so Mark plonks a basket on my lap. Now listen to this! 24 tins of cat food (we buy 48 per week at least). 4 bags of cat litter 3 bags of prawns (for the cats) 6 big bottles of water 2 big bottles of coke 4 cans of soup 2 sandwiches 2 iced coffees 4 naans 1 pack of popadoms 1 bag of rice 1 large box of tissues 1 bunch of bananas NEVER AGAIN!


Phew !! Online shopping is the way for me…a few clicks, spend the exact amount I want and it’s all packed and delivered to my kitchen for £3 which would cost me more in fuel to get to the supermarket myself. I stopped going out to shop for food when I realised it was eating half a day out of my week, by the time we got there, actually did the shopping, loaded it into the car, drove back home and then unloaded the car. Never again !! Now it takes me 20mins max online. Fab !!! Xx

Oh and the nice delivery man carts all the kitty litter, meat and biscuits into the utility room for me.

Oh, that’s a shame…I have always had a good experience. I once had some fruit that was a bit squashed and they refunded the price of the items and gave me £10 as an apology, credited straight back into my bank account.

Oh dear, if this wasn’t real life, I would say it was a good synopsis for a new sitcom, disabled living in Camron’s new world :slight_smile: :frowning:

You forgot the cabbage…like on Crackerjack`s double or drop game!

You must have permanent indentations in your thighs, eh?

Once when shopping with my sis (she`s lovely really) for veg, Iasked her if she wanted a cabbage.

Her reply?

No, I`ve got you!

Chuffin` cheek of it!

luv Pollx

haha @poll

my sister worked for a while on the fruit and veg market.

one particularly snooty customer asked for a swede, my sis asked another lady “could madam pass a swede” a young chap nearby went into hysterics and the snooty customer left.

My Sister once sent my nephew For six eggs, after ten minutes he came back and said . Do you want new laid or not laid? He meant free range or battery eggs. The joys of children.

I was sitting here and reading your blog. it was some time ago, but it’s the first time in ages I LAUGH so much. It would be a great for a sitcome it brighten my day. I don’t have mS I am chroniclly depressed and therefore has to be good. Well done to you for making such light work of it, it carn’t be easy.


hi strey

i thought this was a new thread but you have revived an old one.

it made me laugh all over again.

really pleased that our lunacy helps you.

the brain fog thread is ace, try it!

often referred to as brian fog, barn frog and all sorts of other wee beasties.

carole x

Scott, this post is copy/pasted from an old thread of somebody else’s. I looked through your threads and you have copy/ pasted posts from long ago that we’re posted by other people. Some of them are mine. This one is one of mine. Why do you do this.

I sent you a PM about this post and asked you why you copied it from my old thread but you haven’t answered.

Its an odd thing to do Scott.