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Hi everyone, I have just amended an online shop, have been shopping online for years because of being in a wheelchair. Now it’s a necessity not just for me but for loads of others. There isnt any slots left but I had the presence of mind to book one a few weeks ago . It took ages to get on I was in a queue…it was so funny watching a little stick man walk down a green road …telling me 15 minutes wait 10 then 5 and finally I was on I had to amend 2 shops one for me and one for my elderly mother and father in law . I hope they deliver it , there was so much out of stock . How is everyone else managing? I hope that you are all okay and are being looked after by the support that’s out there for vulnerable people. Take care stay safe Michelle and Frazer xx

Like you Michelle i have been doing online food shop since it began a few yr ago.I pay upfront for deliveries but now i cant get a slot because of the situation with this virus.I worry about the very ill and elderly that are getting no help in all this,those that have no one poor things.

Its terrible Jackie, they tell the older ones to stay at home , which is completely the right thing to but how do they cope . I hope the volunteers for the NHS and people volunteering to drive and pick up shopping and prescriptions will help . Although last night I read about nurses and nhs staff being targeted for their badges. Its terrible times . Take care stay safe …keep smiling . Michelle and Frazer xx

Our daughter has just brought us a load of shopping. Hubby is grumbling cos there are some items not what he would buy. Ungrateful swine!


I cant even do an on line shop!

I cant even do an on line shop!

There are no slots left and no sign of any help for the vulnerable.

The online service is pretty poor if you ask me. My shopping was started two and a half weeks ago and I’ve watched items fall out of my basket. It’s coming tonight at 8pm.

Fortunately I have good friends around me.

Best wishes, x woof.

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I tried. I went to my desktop computer to find my daughter had swiped the mouse, keyboard and power cable for the fancy gaming computer she’s built from scratch, obviously cannibalizing what she could from mine!!

I resuscitated my 12 year old laptop.

After 8 hours of being bumped into and out of a queue, nearly everything me, my mum and the family next door wants was out of stock, I’d replaced my bank card as it expired and struggled to change the details.

By which time I’d lost my delivery slot in two weeks, and then, to add insult to injury, I managed to kick the power cord from my ancient laptop and it died. Before my bank confirmed payment and I’d booked a alternate delivery time. I lost everything!

I lost the will to live.

I’ll try again next week after hiding all sharp implements.


Oh Cath that’s terrible, what supermarket was it . I do a morrisons online but I dont think they are any better than the others for getting slots . I did hear that they were launching a new scheme of essential meat and vegetable boxes that you could buy and have delivered the following day . The way it works is that they would pick products for meat or vegetable eaters at random and add essential cleaning stuff too for £35 Michelle and Frazer xx

I can’t get a slot. Luckily I’m still getting Wiltshire farm food. They have stopped taking new customers. I will have to go out in a few days as running short of some essentials. Don’t know what else I can do.

Love to all, Pat xxx

Hi Pat , there must be a time that they release new slots at morrisons because when I finally get to the end of the queue I notice that new slots were available but have gone. I’ve got a shop booked for the 7th I did it when you could still get slots. I’ve done online shopping for years because of being a wheelchair user. I have a delivery pass but I’m not sure that I’ll get another slot . Michelle and Frazer xx

I have a delivery slot this friday and the next one available was 13th April so i booked that one too but after those 2 i doubt i will even get one,so think we will make do with basics from corner shops.

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Fortunately I have a lovely neighbour who has given up on the online route and is going to brave the supermarket on Friday and is willing to get shopping for me and my mum. My daughter, who is in lockdown said that it’s best to do your online shop between 1 and 2am, so I’ll start booking the next shop next week. By the time it comes around we’ll need it.

Living on my own I tend to cook a proper meal two or the times a week and live off baked potatoes, beans on toast or scrambled eggs etc the rest. I hardly ever bake as I end up eating it all myself, but my neighbour, who is very extroverted and is struggling now living on his own and unable to have his friends round for tea (dinner, not afternoon tea) has started bringing me meals. This has encouraged me to start making proper meals for both of us and to bake, and send successes to him and children in other houses in our complex.

I woke up very early this morning and I’m off to make coconut ice, a very easy and tasty treat that eases that craving for something sweet. I’ve regained my love of cooking and baking.

Keep safe


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Sainsbury’s have a help line for vulnerable customers, I managed to get an online shop for my mother and father in law. They live about 30 miles away, I wish that I could help them more but unfortunately having a my own health issues means I cant ,but at least I can arrange for their shopping to be delivered. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’ve just found out today that sainsbury’s will take phone calls and deliver to over 70s and vulnerable ones . I’ve just set up some good friends with their helpline and they are going to allow them to ring up with there order and they will deliver it . Please message me if you need the helpline number or anymore details. I just think as this virus reaches its peak it’s better if we can avoid going shopping. Take care Michelle and Frazer xx

Being a crafty fly scouser, I have discovered that if I log on to Tesco’s at midnight, there is a short queue and I can get a slot. It’s nearly 3 weeks in advance but it’s mine, all mine. Bwahaha. Honestly, it’s the only way. I’ve spent ages waiting in a queue on the phone to register as vulnerable but I have better things to do like my afternoon nap.

Keep smiling good people. x woof.


Steve , I’m so pleased that you’ve got a slot . I had to do the same with Morrisons. I registered with sainsbury’s and managed one shop but now cant get another slot. I’ve been really stressed over it because I had set Lee’s mum and Dad up and also added an older couple from our Congregation. I feel so responsible for the ones I know . It’s a bit of a shambles. My doctor rang me before the letters were sent out and said she considered me as vulnerable but I dont think it makes any difference. I feel sorry for the ones who fall through the cracks and arnt considered extremely vulnerable but are disabled or have a learning disability. Take care Steve Michelle and Frazer xx

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yep i had te same hubby thought i hadnt put them on the list i now can no longer get a slot