Thank goodness for Internet shopping

As the title says, I wouldn’t manage to go to the shops myself and get all that shopping, I had £330 of shopping deli ered today, all the big items, non perishable stuff and also stuff that will go out of date but that I will use over the weekend/next few days, that will do me for a month andthen I will go (not on my own, that is beyond me I’m afraid) to top up with fruit, veg perishable goods when I need them or my husband might go for me or my mum might get me stuff if she is shopping. Then I manage quite well myself about the house so putting it away wasn’t too bad a job, I don’t mind that job. It Is just getting to the shops that is difficult. Anyway it was a delivery man that I hadn’t had before so he brought the stuff into the house (packed in those big crates), then he put them downin the kitchen, which was fine. Now every other time the driver has helped me lift the shopping out of the crates and then taken the crates away. But today this driver said he was in a hurry and that when I had unpacked I could put the crates in the garage or leave them outside the house and they would pick them up next time I got shopping. I have to say that I am quite capable of unloading the crates myself but I didn’t want them stuck in my garage until I got shopping again so I said to him that if he helped me unload the shopping he could take his crates away as I didn’t want them left. He was none too pleased but I stuck my ground and he helped and then took his crates away. Sorry this has turned into a real rant and it wasn’t meant to, lol, anyway happy now and yes I am still very glad of Internet shopping and I got a lovely white chocolate and strawberry cake which I am finding it hard to resist the temptation to open, lol. Cheryl:)


You’re so right!

I still try to get to Marks and Spencer once a week, on a Saturday, because I like to buy at least some fresh stuff, and see what I’m getting.

But I still rely on the Internet for the “big shop” - particularly the “heavies” and non-perishables. Stuff like washing powder. I don’t think I’d ever buy washing powder, if I had to carry it home. The clothes would have to stay dirty - LoL.

Like you I can have two- or three-hundred pounds’ worth delivered at once, which is quite scary when you realise you’ve spent that much on groceries - but not so bad if you know it will be at least a month or six weeks before you have to do it again.

I can still unpack my own stuff, but the delivery driver almost always offers. I always make a point of saying how much I appreciate the offer, because I know I might need it some day, and I wouldn’t like them to get the idea the offer isn’t welcomed by customers - even those who don’t take it up. I always think if I’m too vehement about saying no, I might not be offered in future - perhaps when I really do need it. So I always say: “I’m OK this time, thanks, but thanks very much for asking” - so he’s aware I’m not dismissing all future help.

I feel quite tired after doing it, as a rule - I think putting away in the cupboards is probably the hardest part. I sometimes do that over several hours, or even a couple of days - only unpacking stuff that has to be frozen or refrigerated, initially, and returning to the rest in instalments. It’s still nowhere near as exhausting as having to shop in person, and lug it all home on the bus, though, so I count myself lucky.

Mmmm, the cake sounds yummy, but you had a whole box of chocolates yesterday, remember? :wink:

I’m a bit partial to choccies too. I’ve got a Hotel Chocolat “dipping adventure”, here, which is a bit like a chocolate fondue set. You melt the chocolate, and then dip various sweet and savoury nibbles in. I’m not too sure about chocolate-covered breadsticks, or salted pretzels, but that’s the kind of thing they give you to put in. I suppose that’s why they call it an “adventure”; it’s not things you’d typically think of sticking in chocolate, although some of them are more traditional (nuts, marshmallows, etc.)



Internet shopping is wonderful. I always have my groceries delivered and have done for years, since I had four small children and it was a bit too much of a chore to take them all with me,as well as do the shopping. However, it saved my life over Christmas! I knew that for the first time this year, I would be able to do very little under Teresa power. Well, most of it came from Amazon and I was delighted with it all. I try to go a couple of times a week to a big M&S near me, but I am increasingly struggling to get about and am superslow which irritates the other shoppers. Anyway, as I have always enjoyed indulging in retail therapy I just do it online instead and don’t know what I’d do without the Internet! Teresa xx

Hi Tina, yes, I too, am also really appreciative of any help from the driver and always say thank you. Thing is, this mornings driver didn’t know I was disabled, I was sitting down in the kitchen when he arrived, I could see right through to the front driver, looked up when he rang the bell, smiled and then signalled to him to come in which he did. I just planned to do the unpacking while I was sitting down, I do most things sitting. Don’t remind me about yesterday’s chocolates, still feel a bit guilt about finishing them, lol. Your “dipping adventure” sounds yummy and good fun. Enjoy! Theresa, I love Amazon too , and yes got virtually all the Xmas shopping on line, I wouldn’t manage to shop on my own anyway. I do go to M&s too, usually on a Saturday morning but I usually have to go in the wheelchair, it is one of these out of town marks so can park outside which is great and my husband goes with me. Sometimes if Iis just something straightforward I need and I don’t want to look I just get my husband to go in, but he is not a good shopper and I tend to end with the wrong things, lol. Cheryl:)

I hate shopping, so almost everything gets bought on the internet and delivered to me - more and more I’m not really able to traipse around a shop, esp supermarkets, and now I’m on my own in the house, the fact that it gets delivered and I only have to do the putting away, is a lifesaver. I do an online supermarket shop about every fortnight and get fresh fruit and veg delivered with everything else - I’ve never had a problem with the quality of the fresh stuff that has been picked for me. Also, if you go through a cashback website, you get money back on your shopping, which, although it may only amount to a couple of pounds a month, it’s better in your pocket isn’t it?

I just wish Costco would deliver - I get all the pet food and a few other big things from there, but it stays in the boot of the car until I feel able to get it in the house - sometimes it stays in the kitchen until I feel able to put it away, but it gets there eventually!

Luisa x

Hi Luisa, I do agree that the fresh stuff is usually pretty good quality. I don’t actually go to Costco myself, your in Aberdeen too so I guess it’s the one at Westhill. My mum goes and sometimes gets me stuff if i want. Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl,

Yes, it’s the Westhill one I go to, but I know more or less where the things are that I want now, so I don’t usually have to traipse too much (also saves a hell of a lot of money if you don’t wander!) - last time I couldn’t find deicer, but the nice boy at the till went and got me some, won’t have to buy that again for a good few years! I like the Costco staff, nothing is too much trouble, they’ll also load up my car for me if I ask.

L x

Its very strange, my internet provider is Tesco net, but the one site that I have never been able to access is the Tesco food shopping site. I think its something to do with pop ups, whatever they are. Each time I try the site it just says, you must have pop ups enabled.

I successfully shop on many other non food sites, without this question popping up (no pun intended).

So maybe its just food suppliers that have these pop up things.

I have not tried any other online food retailers, as I think Tesco is the only one that operates in my area, just wondering if anyone else, has been confronted with this pop up problem thing ?.

Just thought, maybe its just Tesco with this pop up problem, that’s why their share price has gone down the pan.

But don’t think our bit of shopping would help them much.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Hi Luisa, yes Costco sounds good, sounds like the staff are really helpful. Cheryl:)

That’s bizarre - Tesco is the one I shop with and I’ve never had a problem with it’s site, I’ve shopped on the grocery and the Tesco Direct departments quite regularly. Pop ups are when the site opens a window in your original window, I think Tesco would be safe, you can tell your computer to allow pop-ups in that particular site only.

Luisa x

Hi all,

In also do my shopping on line with tesco and have no problems, and if any do arise I just ring them up and they refund you straight away. I can’t manage to walk round the store any longer so I find it a real boon.

Janet x

Hi Luisa.

Many thanks for that, but I have no idea how to tell the computer to allow pop up’s, as I don’t know were they are, I will have to contact the man that does our painting and decorating, he’s my computer expert, trouble is we don’t need any painting or repairs done at this moment.

Alarm bells are ringing when you say, you would think Tesco would be safe, which makes me think there is something dodgy about pop up’s. I am sure Tesco is safe, as I said in my original post they are my internet provider (

But of all the other sites I purchase goods (none food) on line from, not one site has mentioned these pop up things.

Its not a great problem, as we only live, less than half a mile from a Morrisons store, and her with the long hair that must be obeyed (the wife), does all of the food shopping, but hates doing it. So when we see the Tesco delivery van around, we say it would be a new experience to food shop on line.

Thanks again for your reply and help.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

PS. I must make one thing clear. Her with the long hair that must be obeyed (the wife). We men just let the wives think they are the boss, for a quiet life.

Who am I trying to kid !!.