online shpping...not ms

In two minds about this, given the state of high streets today (if you have one left), however I ordered yesterday at about 2.30pm arrived this morning 9.10am items I would have bought Monday morning(as have optician apt)…if in stock! also got free delivery and £15 off via a flash sale!..can the a High Street survive?

I shop online all the time. I really ought to feel guilty about everything I buy online. Particularly as one website in particular is often my first and only port of call. But, to order a product, pay less for it than on the high street, and have it arrive the next day is easier and cheaper than going to a shop where they may not have the precise item I want.

So I shall carry on.


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I appreciate the convenience, just feel sad that the level of service is now so bad that I don’t feel worse!..I’ve seen and heard things that would have got me the sack! but have to say the pay used to better (relatively)…anyway fab dress!

I can honestly say that everything we buy, except greetings cards and opticians glasses, is bought online. Even groceries are shopped for online at Tesco or Waitrose and delivered to my kitchen !! Saves on fuel money, plus I can set a budget and more importantly, stick to it !! No more shocks at the checkout.

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I buy pretty much everything online these days, it’s especially convenient when mobility issues stop me from getting out as much as I’d like.

If you shop online frequently, this is well worth looking into:

Browser extension which automatically searches and applies coupon codes for you at checkout. Can save you a fair amount of money on some sites.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of this. Since it’s simplistic to shop online, why not to use this opportunity? Especially if it can save your time and money.

All my shopping is done online,i could not cope without it.

I shop on-line for time for my stuff… but only 100% of the time!

If you are housebound, what real choice go you have?


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My high street has 11 takeaways, 3 cafes, 2 doctors surgeries, a hardware shop, 2 butchers, coop and a vape shop, oh and a chemist. 3 pubs. 4 charity shops. and a second hand shop with lots of bargain furniture. a pet shop. (they have a facebook page so you can buy off that and they deliver).

i have to shop online. CLICK AND DELIVER.

MY delivery drivers all know me, and help all the time, they are amazing.

a lot of the big shops you can shop online anyway. M&S, Matalan, argos, so many shops now. I think the small shops need to get into it too. they could have an ebay or amazon shop attached our stationers did until he retired, he did well both online and on high street as he had a photocopyer.

I do think its easier for disabled people. I needed a certain cream i cant get out its raining, and the pharmacy shut sunday anyway. i did 1 click and it turned up at 9.30am monday morning.

I think our farmers market on saturday is uber busy as people still want the choice to buy fresh organic specialist things. it was even on the T.V.

what is so sad is the amount of disabled people now living in the UK and relying on these online shops.

Recently done an online shop with Sainsbury. Delivery was only 50p during the week between 1-2pm. Most of my other shopping is done through Amazon. Can`t be beaten on price. Even if I wasn’t disabled I would still shop online. Saves a lot of hassle.

I do a lot of shopping online but still go out for groceries. Hubby prefers to choose his own fruit and vegetables. If i lived on my own I would probably do grocery shopping online, too.

I’ll buy clothes online if I know the brand and how it fits. I prefer not to buy shoes online as the fit can vary, even with a brand I know well. For example, I have a pair of Hotter boots and 2 pairs of their shoes in standard width, size 6.5, that are a perfect fit. I have slippers and sandals from the same company in size 6, also a good fit, but I have other boots in wide fitting that are a perfect fit in size 5.5! The woman in the shop explained that winter boots are made larger so that you can wear thicker socks with them. I only want to wear ordinary socks, so I needed a smaller size than usual.

Do I feel guilty about shopping online? No. If the goods are in stock and delivery isn’t too expensive then I’d rather not have the hassle of crowded shops. This is especially true at Christmas.

I’m yet to find any brand that is consistent with sizing, wherever you get it from!..apart from one US shop! Completely agree about Christmas.Towns just look so sad nowadays,Maybe I just enjoyed working in busy retail too much,wouldn’t enjoy it now, if there was stll such a thing,that wasn’t an outlet shop full of everything they can’t shift!