my tardis

just a bit daft but where and when would you go to if you had a tardis?

i’d go back to the early 80’s - i’d do glastonbury.

my mum would still be alive so i’d take her for a pub lunch (she liked a bevvy).

i’ll really enjoy that annoying couple of hours when i can’t sleep - i’ll lie awake planning my tardis trip.


carole x


I’d go back and retrieve all those socks that have gone missing.


But that’s the thing about the TARDIS… you can aim for where and when you like, but there’s no guarantee you’ll end up there! :slight_smile:

Mm, let’s think…there have been a lot of highpoints in my life and choosing one is a bit difficult!

A beautiful place in my memory, with an equally beautiful feeling, is after travelling for 13 hours, we arrived in Cornwall and as you go through Carbis Bay, the roads dips down towards St Ives and Porthminster bay opens up, with the most beautiful blue sea and golden sand. We did that trip a few times, both with our kids and just the two of us.

It never failed to live up to the initial feeling. We were on the beach at 7am…hubby had a snooze in the car and then we had ice cream for breakfast!!!

Yep, that’s where I’ll go in my TARDIS!



I’d go for a swim in the Atlantic in The Gambia, I’d only need to travel back in time about 10 years when I was capable of it. It was the best beach I’ve ever encountered. I love a slightly rough sea rather than a flat warm bath.

Actually I’d even settle for a very hot day and a swim in the English Channel nearby to where I live. If I was capable of getting down the shingle and into the sea, preferably late afternoon with a high tide (so the sea’s not quite so cold and you get in straight off the shingle rather than a long plod across acres of sand which you get on a low tide). I’d put up with the seaweed and everything just for a really nice swim/wallow in the sea.

And there’s nothing like getting off a train after a hot commute home from London and being in the sea 20 minutes later.



I’d still like to know where all those socks went.

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You have a very sad, unimaginative, dare I say, dull life. I fully understand your irritation with the mystery of the missing socks, but can you not find a smidgeon of creativity for a desire to go somewhere other than the location of the missing socks?

Perhaps you need some help with your sock fixation? I understand that sock specialist psychotherapy is a field that languishes in its infancy (perhaps there is in fact little call for it!), however, I’m sure some kind of counselling or hypnosis might be able to help you.


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Awlrite then;

What about the “Joy of Socks” now in it’s 28th reprint!

I point you in the direction of the Sock Shop Wikipedia entry, “People should be able to buy socks and stockings as easily as they buy newspapers”.

There are a lot of people who have had a great deal of happiness brought into their lives by a comfortable pair of socks. And they are definitely not the sort of people you want to cross. Or wandering around, unescorted, in public. [Regina v Durer v 1992 May 9, 10, 11; Dec. 24].

If a young man cannot enjoy his socks in the privacy of his own home … well … I think I’ve said enough. Have I? Matron says “yes”. Time for my pills then.



It’s true. Nothing like a good pair of New socks… Especially the bits you leave around the floor after taking them off…


Ok. I get it. There are some famous sock enthusiasts in the world. There has been case law which supports your arguments.

I concede defeat.

And I have just been reminded of the well known phrase “if you haven’t got your socks on, you can’t pull them up!”

(Truly, this is said at least once per day (in this house at least), it is credited to my sadly now deceased father in law!)


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In fact, I’ve been corrected, there is a precise phrase that I am reminded should be properly quoted: “if you’ve got no socks on, you can’t pull 'em up”. I would hate to be in trouble with the old chap should there in fact be any kind of afterlife. He had a great abhorrence of being misquoted.


Hi Carraboy (funny name for a chap, are you from the Caribbean?),

If you were a connoisseur you’d know that proper socks (hand knitted by the retired kelp divers on the island of St Martin’s (Isles of Scilly) do not leave “bits”, as you so indelicately put it, when you pull 'em orf. I’d add their web address but I doubt that you’d fit their client base profile.

Like the topper and shades though. Nice look.


Sue. Try and calm down, you’re getting all steamy again.


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Socks never look as white as when they are new…no matter what miracle detergent you prefer!

Now who can come up with the answer to this?

Some moons ago, there was an actor being interviewed on TV and he said he wore brand new socks every day, as he hated already worn socks!

Now who was it? I don’t know but I am hoping someone else does.

It could be someone on the lines of…

Cary Grant

David Niven

Nicolas Parsons comes to mind, but he wasn’t much of an actor…

Who else?


Good show Boudy,

You’ve come to right place for sock related trivia. I believe it was the late Michael Jackson who was famous for his socks. But then, with his income, so would I.



don’t you know?

the lost socks have gone to the planet sock.

close to planet biro.

tardis can do intergalactic travel.

carole x

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Don’t believe everything you read. Especially if someone call Ford gave you the book.

I’ve heard it’s needs updating.


Nope, don’t think it was Jacko!

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Just done a Google (awful use of word) and found the old time actor who only wears new socks… it’s…

Jerry Lewis¡. 80+ now and still going strong!

Also found out that George Clooney only wears new socks too!

Fussy sods!



george clooney deserves new socks because he’s bit gorgeous.


mind blown… i had always thought ‘albrecht durer’ and ‘Carraboy’ were the same person.

I recall the Ross Webster character in Superman 3 boasting that he never wore the same pair of socks twice. That impressed the hell out of me

my tardis trip = 1000 years into the future

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