Room 101

Rosie01 started a post re with a rant about dropped Curb abuse, I added my own rant about disabled toilets and I thought, maybe hijacking Rosies post with my rant was insensitive.

So I have opened up a ROOM 101

A place where we can all list our own rants, MS/NON MS, doesn’t matter.

I will repeat mine to start it off, Able bodied people using the only disabled access toilet, “oh sorry, didn’t know you were waiting”. Makes my blood boil

Who’s next?


BT !

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‘Celebrity’ chefs and pomegranate on everything!..and unnecessary’twists’ on perfectly good recipes. Deconstructed apple crumble etc.etc.



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MS it really gets on my nerves!


Drivers on mobile phones



able bodied using disabled loo? there has been a big campaign saying that all disabilties are not visible. i dont know if the nhs member of staff was in there changing a catheter? or the man had aspergers? or???

we just dont know why someone would want to use the disabled loo-many reasons i think.

i do understand where you are coming from! we are all unique-just like everybody else! labels-love them or hate them but they are part of life.

ideally there should just be individual loo’s were anybody can use them-maybe one day…



big hefty men not looking where they are going.

i passed one of these twice in one day and both times he was staring at his phone.

i was trying to avoid a collision but he was totally oblivious.

so i said “Boo!!”

he didn’t even startle.

an elderly lady saw it and was in hysterics laughing!


All assessors who lie and distort responses to questions (in my case Atos).


When you have been doing driving lessons for 17 months getting charged £28 lesson and having one or 2 every week amounting to around £2000 to be told to push back your test cus your still not ready When it’s booked for next week!! Hate realising I’ve been mugged off good and proper!!!

Feel your frustration, had one the same! changed and got one who just let me get on really gave me confidence! Good luck, keep going…with a new instructor!

I honestly thought she was a lovely lady even started to think of her as a friend ohh I got played big time!! I’m trying to make my life easier by learning to drive cus I struggle to walk and she new this and still took absolute advantage of me which I find so shameful! My husband told her today after I came in from my lesson in tears to F off and don’t come back!! I felt bad for her but now I’m more angry with her! I think I have found a new instructor but my confidence is shot so I hope he’s ready to help rebuild me :frowning: Im not giving up though I’ve come to far!!! I’m sorry you endured the same thing I just find it ludicrous I thought she was there to help me not rob me (which is what it feels like right now) but thank you for your positive words!!


Just think about how much you have aready spent. Wasted should you give up!..I asked the examiner “are you sure?” when I passed, lol

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Exactly what a waste if I did!! I’m so glad you passed in the end but I do think I will ask the very same question hahaha

Disabled toilets with a HEAVY door…opening inwards, (Bad enough outwards) but in my motorised chair, I push it open with my foot and the force of the motor) however… When I eventually get in there there is a plethora of bins! Hazardous waste bin, paper towel bin…all using up the floor space of a room the size of a phone bax. Grrr! Now with the heavy OUTWARD opening door…grab door handle, reverse motor, try to scuttle in before the door closes on me, or, worse still! the door isn’t self closing and I have to complete a three point turn, (in the tiny space full of bins) so as to drive halfway back out to grab the handle, and pull the door shut. Sometimes, if I’m lucky there might be a grab rail or a strap on the back of the door to facilitate this. These facilities were not designed by a less abled person, were they?!


Oh yes, all of those. Plus, bloody nappy bins in disabled loos. I understand that restaurants etc are trying to make one loo fit both requirements, nappy changing as well as disabled loos, but those bloody huge bins often make it impossible to get in.

Then there’s bars to help to sit/stand etc, two would be nice. I understand that they want to meet the needs of many people, but a bar on each side would help. Plus, making the loo flush reachable from a wheelchair, as well as paper towel dispenser / hand washing equipment.

Plus, weighted doors, in loos and more specifically in hotel rooms. If I’m on my own in a hotel room and there’s a fire, how the fff do I get out?

They should make someone attempt to use to use the facilities in a manual and in a motorised wheelchair.



Do you know what, the only place that I know caters for us is Llandudno!! they seem to be more than accommodating!! I’m sure there are other places in the UK but I am yet to find them. They have it down to an art. I know I’m showing my age, but I never worry about getting about there. Hotels love us lot. I can manage some walking, with aids, but they can’t do enough. So, I know I’m bias, but bloody hell, we are looked after. Besides they have Cymru Venue, loads of music, shows, etc. Ace place!!! Yep, rhyming was intentional x

I am fortunate enough to live in Llandudno so I can concur with what Tracey has said. In fact from my bed to the promenade there isn’t one step as an obstacle!

This all ties in with my ‘Room 101’ entry which is the plethora of mobility scooters on our pavements (and promenades) being navigated by the able-bodied overweight people who could really do with exercise and give us full time wheelies a bad name.

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Ok so now I’m getting a bit worked up. Why is Llandudno so flipping far away? It’s in danger of going in my room 101 just due to distance from home!

Actually our nearest bit of seaside (which is only a couple of miles away) is not too badly off for disabled facilities. Not as good as Llandudno of course, but OK. And that too has loads of wheelchair users, most of whom aren’t in ‘chairs because they’re too fat to walk, but are ‘proper’ disabled people.


loving all the comments so far I have another one, I have no idea where this might end up but… “Why can’t my wife load the dishwasher properly” is my new one, last nights attempt was shambolic! Charlie