Disabled Toilet

God that gets on my wick, an office with over 500 people in it, one disabled toilet, one person in the 500 people (me) in an actual chair and needs to use the accessible toilet and the amount of times it is engaged is a joke.

I moan like a git to my boss saying this isn’t on, he does all he can, mass emails etc but still…

this mornings comment when she left the toilet after being in their for at least 10 minutes (i managed to hold) was

“oh i am so sorry, i didn’t realise”.

JUST GET OUT OF MY F’IN TOILET and use the ladies toilet that is literally 10 yards away! was what I wanted to say.

Being polite, is just wheeled past and gave her “the look”.

Why do people do this?

Charlie (annoyed this morning).

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Agree with you.


you have every right to moan about the ignorant B*tch

i get p**ed off with people in the pub using the new disabled facilities, and leaving the door unlocked so all their mates can go in.

this particular loo is by the beer garden so unless they sneak into the disabled one they have to WALK all the way back inside, poor babies.

i have even been told by a “friend” that i’m lucky to be able to use the nearest loo. i couldn’t be sure of what language i’d use so said nothing but gave her a dark look.

hey up, we’re better than that/them!

How annoying.

A few ideas.

Would it be possible to send a polite ( you can swear while you’re typing) email round to everyone in the office.

Words like urgency and grab rails could be included. Or even 'I hope no one else ever gets a medical condition where they have to rely on a disabled toilet.

Ask for RADAR lock to be fitted? I’ve noticed some restaurants have them on now. Only need 2 keys. One for you and 1 for the cleaners.

Stick a notice on the door, or one of the MS cards ’ I have multiple sclerosis I need the toilet urgently’ Change the wording to.

For use by people who have MS.

Good luck.


That is most definitely incredibly annoying!

But on the other hand, and my situation is totally different, I have had numerous funny looks and conments for using the disabled toilets even though I have reason to.

I suspect the reason for this is because I walk unaided but it is annoying and short of wearing some kind of badge that says ‘yes i am entitled to use this loo’, I honestly don’t have the time, energy or inclination to stop and divulge my medical history to the world :confused:

Rant over.

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I saw a mother with a pram going into the toilets taking the pram as well as it was bigger then the other toilets. I thought that there was a scheme that you had one key for every disabled toilet and they were kept locked u till needed.



some of the disabled loos are labelled as Disabled/Baby Changing facilities.

i do understand that urgency when your baby has a pungent nappy but it is a completely different situation.

we have come a long way just having disabled loos but we still have a long way to go.

whilst on the subject. who has ever been on the loo when the door opens and someone looks in?

one pub has an extra lock on the disabled loo, one of those security locks with a chain - good idea.

what a great topic on an emotive subject.

Just send a little note with BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…

some months back now i was stuck outside the disabled loo in sainsburys. 10 minutes and was just on the verge of peeing myself when a lady came out with a trolley and TWO KIDS. My care worker said to her "this is disabled facility why cant you use normal toilets as all the kids were over 3 years old, she said it was easier with the 2 of them to use the larger disabled toilet. My care worker was so mad. there was a family room i believe but it was out of order and there was another one upstairs but she would have had to go up the stairs or lift.

I don’t remember when i had kids having luxury of special rooms mind you i was abroad and you got what you got and it sure wasnt baby changing rooms lol lucky if it was hole in the ground.

2 kids is not hard to use one toilet surely. the manager was not in the least bit helpful and i have never gone back there. I did make a complaint but hey i am disabled get over it. she was way more important as could have been dealing with the new PM of England one day lol. Its no wonder why some children don’t respect people with disabilities, i am getting the feeling we are just a flipping nuisance, who should be pandered too. I actually know of people who are JEALOUS because we have these facilities, and apparently we are all rich as we get given loads of extra money which they don’t have and can park our cars for free when they have to pay.

Its like i say they should be careful what they wish for.

Yet hey there are more toddler and mother car spaces in most supermarkets then disabled bays. go figure.

Not sure I would begrudge the mum with two kids. Some cubicles have barely room to turn round.


Well I would begrudge them and I would speak my mind. Just total laziness on their part. Size of cubicles is not the issue here.

Radar keys are an option, but even now they are readily available to anyone.

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I would agree with you they are sometimes a two for one. But this was in a shopping mall which the end toilet was the disabled tag on, they had a separate room for mothers and babies with a room on the side with a TV with cartoons playing on?


begrudge no not at all, but right by the disabled toilets were a row of EMPTY toilet cubicles she could have easily used one for the children. I couldnt get into them as i was in my wheelchair. she could have gone upstairs. we never had the luxury of family toilets when our kids were kids and we always managed.

I was so desperate and it was making me feel sick as i wanted a pee desperately. I thought disabled toilets were for disabled people.

The mother may well have an invisible disability.

She might have been sorting out a colostomy bag or something similar. …

the issuing of radar keys doesn’t ask for proof of disability.

amazon sells them for £2.

it is a big problem that will just get bigger.

I think we have to stop thinking of disability in terms of physical problems. People with a mental health problem etc can qualify for a Blue Badge when it comes to driving and park in disabled spaces so I assume someone with a mental health issue can ‘lawfully’ use disabled toilets.

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oh i totally agree, the mental health/neuro-diverse conditions that are as equally as challenging as the physical challenges I face are incredibly hard to see/understand so these day, as i did on the “lady in the loo” situation, don’t say a word as I just have no idea.