wish me luck as I start my campaign

Afternoon everyone.

Just been to look at the brand new Morrisons supermarket and I just cannot believe how remiss I was in checking out the disabled loo. To be honest, I cant say I saw any signs for loos, so it went out of my mind!

Some of you may recall my recent posts about Changing Places toilets. I was a bit surprised that I only got 1 reply, as I did think more of us would be interested.

These super-dooper loos are aimed at people using wheelchairs or scooters, who need a bit more than what is available in the regular accessible toilets (been told we prefer them to be called that, rather than ``disabled toilets`).

They are also tons better for anyone needing 2 carers (like me). Most toilets we`ve used have the wc in a corner, so there isnt enough room to let a carer position themselves at either side.

They also have (and this is the bit that really pleases me) a HOIST!!! Yippee! I`ve spent too much time either stuck on the loo, or on the floor, when my legs have given way.

Towns in West Yorkshire…Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield already have PC loos, but not my town, Halifax.

So i`ve spoken to the campaign office and am launching the campaign myself! I have e-mailed the local MS branch and the council disability officer.

I`ll be leafleting and badgering folk to sign a petition at some point I expect. So if any of you visit halifax and see someone in a wheelchair handing out leaflets, it might be me! But not until the weather warms up quite a bit!

luv Pollx

Good luck with that Poll I hope your succesfull in getting one for your home town. Sue x

Cheers Sue, just realised I have posted this twice…net book is playing up a bit!

luv Pollx

Good for you Poll. I see the new user name means that you are ready to do battle!

Sorry I missed the original post ‘changing places’…

Pat x

Aye Pat…just sharpening my wheel axles (Ben Hur springs to mind)

luv Pollx