changing places loos part 2

Afternoon me mateys!

Its sunny in my bit of Gods Own West Yorkshire. Lovely…is spring in the air?

Right about my post`s title.

been doing some more digging on the subject and what have i found?

they`ve only got one of these super dooper, all singing, all dancing and yes…swinging too, loos, in Huddersfield town hall. I didnt know and have struggled in Huddy with loos not being just right for me.

There are a few in Leeds, and Bradford too…but not in halifax!

I`ve been trying to join the forum for CP loos and just cant get in somehow?

I wanna get in on the campaign to have more of these gaffs made available.

Weve got that lovely new venue in Halifax...........with Vue cinemas and their loos have let me down. There are several restaurants and their loos are problematic too.....just not big enough to let 2 carers get at me! Grab rails are wrongly positioned............and even came right out of the wall in the Chinese Buffet! Surely when building a totally new complex, its the ideal time to put a CP loo in. They cost around £12 - 15k…nowt when you think how many millions new builds cost.

As I said in my last post about this, I am going to Leeds Trinity new shopping centre next week, where they do have a CP loo.

Let`s make a list of where they are, eh?

Without these extra special accessible toilets, many of us face either;

not going out

curtailing an outing as we need as good a loo as we have at home

wetting/soiling ourselves

using catheters when some of would rather not.

So come on pals, help me with this campaign, yeh?

luv Pollx

Sorry to be answering my own post, but I thought more folk here would be interested in these fab loos.

luv Pollx