maiden voyage round a changing places loo

Hi friends.

Yesterday, 2 of my carers and I went to the new Trinity shopping centre in Leeds.

I was on a mission to test out a CP loo.

Well it was fantastic! So much room, could`ve had a wheelie dance! Hoist brilliant… takes you round the whole room.

A carer at each side of the loo…no frowns on their faces, no anxiety in my head, no need to stand with Elvis shaky legs, no fear of a possible fall…lovely!

Verdict…100% satisfaction.

So get out there guys and gals, find those CP loos and use `em.

The CP loos HQ is more than happy to hear about our experiences in them…good or bad.

Boudica has triumphed!

luv Pollx

Great news Poll, I’m so glad it was a success for all involved!!

Sarah x

Ace, will be checking trinity out next week, sounds gd!

Hi, dunno if you already know, but Trinity isnt exactly undercover. and it was freezing.

luv Polllx

So you didn’t spend all your time in the loo then Poll. Hehe x

That’s great news Poll, glad it was a success for you and stress free! Linda x

Cheers for your replies.

Bambi; my carers did threaten to leave me in the CP loos whilst they went off shopping. We actually used it twice!

Shoey 23; you have to ask the attendant to open the door for you…not radar key!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I thought of you and your campaign when I was at London King’s Cross railway station the other day. They have a CP loo with clear large signs pointing it out. Apparently there is even a shower available presumably for people who have travelled a long distance but I was thinking that would be handy for those little accidents. The only downside is that all the loos cost 30p per visit but I don’t mind that as it means they are that bit cleaner. Vandals don’t pay 30p just to trash 'em and write graffiti!


Hi, that is good news re the CP loo at Kings Cross. I thought they were free…but maybe it depends on the station. Did you use a radar key to get in.

Yes, some of them also have a shower loo…handy for washing and drying the bits we cant reach! i``d love to try one, but not sure it would do a good enough job!

Thanks for the info Tracey.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I didn’t need to use the CP loo, only using a stick at the moment so I’m sorry but I didn’t investigate whether you need a radar key to get in. I should’ve thought but our train was due to leave in 15 mins and I have a bladder that needs some persuading in strange places so was more concerned with doing the deed, so to speak!!

Tracey x

Ok hun. You know you can still use a CP loo…just needing more room than the average loo or even disabled loo offer, is a bonus.

luv Pollx

But I would feel guilty coming out of a disabled loo and facing someone in a w/chair when I only have a stick. I don’t consider myself disabled right now.

Tracey x

Fair enough hun…and then theres the really selfish normal` people who use the disabled loo to try clothes on…or whatever.

luv Pollx

All hail to the Queen of the I Seen U,and I’m hoping our bit of global warming suits you.A couple of things Poll.Are you going to be able to hold on 'til you get to Leeds, and does “whatever” mean what I think it does?

Well done for all your efforts,and my nasty little neuron is wondering if CP means -rap Plenty,or maybe Comfortable Piddle?

Wb x

Thanks for the info!

“Shoey 23; you have to ask the attendant to open the door for you…not radar key!”

what does CP stand for?

I use a stick, and use the disabled loo in John Lewis at The Mall, Bristol. The door is so heavy I can’t manage it! I still feel guilty, though.

Most general loos are OK for me as long as they cubicles are so tiny you can’t turn around! But that’s always been a problem even before the wobbyness hit.

Hi Ellen, CP = changing places. I dunno why they decided to call it that…perhaps because these loos are big enough for 2 carers to change their caree in.

luv Pollx

Oh Wobbly, you are naughty! I`Il bet you and your little neuron enjoy wicked thoughts. Still they cant touch your for it, eh? Now dont go putting naughty thoughts into that.

CP - changing places.

Just a bit of trivia for you…wb…wobbly bob is a flat cloudy beer they serve on a local canal barge trip!

luv Pollx