to those who need help finding better toilets

Morning my little snowmen and snowladies!

We are snowed in here in our bit of West Yorkshire.

Some of you are telling me that disabled loos are rubbish where you live. I know what you mean!

In an effort to help you find better ones, with hoists and room for carers, if you need them, like I do, just google;

Changing Places toilets

You`ll find maps and info where they are (if they are) in your area. Not all are first class, but info is there telling you what they have installed.

Got 2 bods coming to see me to discuss my campaign after easter.

Im a bit scared of what Im taking on, but if Mrs Pankhurst had backed down, us females would never have been listened to, eh?

Keep warm y`all.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I’m right behind you on this cheering you on!

Snowing in London as well… but only a thin layer has settled so far… and hope it goes away!

Pat x

Good girl!

My campaign is for my own town…Halifax…if there are none of these loos in your area, why not start a campaign there too?

luv Pollx

I will look into it Poll.

There is a good, big, disabled loo in local shopping mall (I can ride my scooter right into it which is very handy as often have bags of shopping on scooter)… but can’t remember if it has hoists or not. Will check it out.

Pat x

Changing Places loos should have a hoist, a peninsular wc so 2 carers can get one at each side, an adult sized changing table (height adjustable) a basin and wide paper towels.

Some of the loos are clos o mat type (a wash and dry system).

luv Poll.

ps I am becoming a loo bore!

Just a funny thought;

imagine if I went on Mastermind and my specialist subject was;

Changing Place toilets…specifications and locations.

luv Pollx

Hahahaha Poll I could just imagine it!

You could win Mastermind and then be a Chaser on that quiz… with the name Boudica it would be perfect!

Pat x

tonights contestant is boudica, and your specilalist subject is Changing places toilets haaaaaaa xxx love it

Ha! Id be giving Frosty Knickers Ann a run for her money...........shed never catch me when I go at top speed in my wheelie!

luv Pollx

Cheers once again for your replies. Theres something I should point out to make it clear about who can use CP loos, incase ive misled anyone.

you dont have to need a hoist and carers, but just need the extra room…eg for scooters. They are accessed by Radar keys. My maiden trip to one is next Thursday, to the massive new Trinity shopping complex in Leeds, which opened last Thursday.They say it is the biggest shopping venue in Western Europe! Ill be going with my 2 Christines, on the train. For a change this new place is in a town centre. They usually build them far out of towns where only cars can get to them. Ill be doing a report for you all. I`m quite excited about it all.

I went to use a regular accessible loo in town last week, when an elderly man got off his scooter to open the door. Then I saw him put another key (besides the Radar one) in. I asked what he was doing and he said he often had to do this, as the red indicator which shows that a loo is occupied, had slipped down making it locked…if you get what I mean.

luv Pollx