changing places

Afternoon all.

having a duvet day, `cos got yet a 3rd uti this year and it is easier to get onto my commode from bed, rather than be dressed and up…wees are urgent and difficult to hold on.

Right, listen…

been looking up disabled loos and a new post here has prompted me to share what Ive learned........Im excited about the idea…(sad, I know, that disabled loos should get me so)

There are some fantastic new disabled loos, called Changing Places, cropping up here and there.

I am particularly interested as i have had some distressing experiences in quite a few disabled loos.

things like grab rails being too high or too low, to get a proper purchase, in order to lift myself up. My arms are good, but my legs are naff! So if the side rail isnt just right, it doesnt help. Plus last week, i tried a brand new restaurant and the loo grab rail came right out of the wall.

We had to get assistance to get me up. My 2 carers tried their best, but by this time, I had lost my confidence altogether. A few weeks before that, I ended up on the floor, as the wash basin blocked 1 carer being able to get right at the side of me.

Why do so many disabled loos have the wc right next to a wall? Obviously some of us need a carer at each side of us to help us up.

so what else do these new places have?

A shower and a changing table for an adult.

A loo in the middle of a wall…hurrah!

And wait for it…

yes… a HOIST!!!

Hurrah, hurrah and thrice hurrah!!!

I only go out once a week and having trouble with badly designed disabled loos, really spoils my much loved outings. I worry about this a lot.

unfortunately there are none of the new places in halifax or Huddersfield…but

I can get to leeds on the choo choo and there is one in the brand new Trinity Shopping centre.

Im hot footing (or should that be hotwheeling?) there soon.

Luvly jubbly.

if anyone finds one of these tardis type gems, why dont we compile a list, yeh?

Look em up and see for yourself.

luv Pollx


Yeah thanks for the info on my post earlier!

Always good to hear about new things happening. I have a couple of favourite loos when I go shopping, may have a new one now, lol.

Wow who’d have thought I would be excited about a toilet pre-MS!

Ta for info.

P.S Can’t see anything about this in the US but if we do it, sure they do it too.

Yeh, you`d think it was done in USA before us.

luv Pollx