loo disaster!

Hi guys!

Been missing for a few days.

Wednesday went out for some girlie time to Brighouse. We had a mooch round a dress shop and I got a bargain in the sale…a voluminous top to conceal my new pipe when i get it. scan on Thursday…then hope I dont have too long a wait for the spc op.

Really wanted the pipe because when using disabled loo, the chuffin grab rail came right out of the wall! Was I shocked and shaken! Luckily carers were quick enough to grab hold of me and return me to my wheelie. I pulled the red cord for help and it didnt work!!!

Sis fetched the manager who saw me half on/half off my wheelie. he was also shocked, but not as much as your`s truly, eh?

He asked what he could do there and then…I said, Get me a hoist! Of course he couldn`t. So I asked for a cup of tea to calm me nerves!

Then he treated us to a meal…for free! he had me fill out an accident form and apologised profusely.

So then he got the talk on Changing Places Toilets. I left him the www stuff to peruse and have informed CP of Brighouse`s lack in having any.

Of course I was thrown for the day, had to cut the shopping trip short and go home needing a desperate wee and an earlier than usually bed time!

eee, I dont chuffin` know, eh?

luv Pollx

Oh my goodness Poll that is absolutely shocking. Id definitely be demanding more compensation than a free lunch! That could have been a whole lot worse (glad you’re ok though) Hugs Mini x

Don’t know why Poll but my last post has vanished… Anyway I said…that sounds absolutely terrible you poor thing, I would definitely be demanding further compensation not just a free lunch. It could have been a whole lot worse, good job you weren’t alone! (Glad you’re ok though) Hugs Mini x

That sounded awful Poll. Boy it was good your carers reacted quickly to avert a worse disaster. Pleased you survived to tell the tale. luv Linda x

How appauling and terrible for you. We trust all the equipment in an accessible loo is up to standard but too often it isn’t. I get very angry when pull cords are tied up high so kids can’t pull them! No good to the person on the floor are they!!!

I’m so glad you had help on hand.

Love Sara x

Hi Poll

Oh that’s awful, I can imagine how shaken you were, people should

be checking their appliances regularly, otherwise they could end up with

a hefty settlement.

Good job your carers’ have quick reactions, hope you recover soon.

Pam x

Cheers everyone for your replies and support…always appreciated.

So thats another disabled looblacklisted. I could write awots good and wots not` in these gaffs.

luv Polllx

oh polllx its enough to make a toilet phobia what a disaster just glad someone helped you, grab rail couldnt of been up that well.xx julie

Ta Julie.

These so called accessible loos are fitted and tested by normal folk. They may pull on the grab rails to see how strong they are, but they will never know the fear of a mishap when trying to stand.

luv Pollx

Hi Boudica, what a horrendous thing to have happen! Although I don’t use a wheelchair myself but a colleague of mine does and always accompanied me when we did Access Audits. She did the ‘hands - on’ tests and I did the measuring etc. Unfortunately a few of the loos we visited were a bit dodgy to say the least, they looked ok but had broken alarms, handrails at the wrong height or installed in the wrong place etc. It sounds that this loo was lacking in the basic facilities required for a ‘disabled toilet’ (hate that term) the emergency pull-cord/alarm was a bit of a mess too. You should have quoted the Building Regulations - Part M at him, that alone sometimes does the trick to get things put right!

Thanks Linda.

I told the pub manager I wouldnt be able to use his pub again and he was sorry to hear that.

I also said I would e mail the company. Not done so yet, but have told CP loos campaigns manager, that brighouse is lacking in a proper loo.