gggrrr x 2!

all friends.

got 2 reasons to grrr today!

  1. wet meself…again…and it was already draining into ,the bag. So it was just after my carer had left, when I got another almighty bladder spasm…which meant hubby had to hoist me up, wash and change me…grrrr…so i rang uros sec, to ask when my urgent appointment will be.........shes not answering her phone, left a message. feel like pulling the chuffin catheter out!

  2. damaged my new wheelie`s arm! Just rubbed it along my bed end and it shredded like soft cheese!!! I touched the area and more crumbly foam fell away. I was dumfounded.

I rang the dealer to say how flimsy I thought the material used is. he said it is a common problem and that it was there to protect the underlying structure…he offered me a new armrest…for £30!

This prompted me to ring the manufacturer…no-one answering…so I left a message and e-mailed…this thing is gonna cost me almost £4k in the 3 year lease…will there be owt left of it…did I do the right thing.I dunno!

grrrr and grr again!

luv Polx

hi poll

its not good that you can’t get in touch with your urologist.

what do they think they’re playing at?

how are you supposed to manage?

same with the wheelchair manufacturer, whose responsibility is it after all?

aw sorry you’ve been let down twice today.

no advice to offer but will growl with you.

grrrrrrrr! GRRRRRRRRR!!!

carole x


The magic words are ‘Fit for its purpose’ and the arm on your new chair is obviously not. You need to go through whoever you bought it from. lt is their responsibility to get it sorted out.

UFO’s sec rang with date for appt…Thursday 4th at 2.15. Glad it will soon b sorted…I am ever hopeful aren’t I?pollxx

you are Poll. But you don’t deserve all this rubbish.

Keep smiling hun. Hope you get your smile back soon too Carole xx

I don’t know how it works when you get a wheelchair on motability but if you had an accident in your car and damaged it you wouldn’t have to pay. Wheelchairs from motability are a very expensive option - I would contact them.


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just spotted my typo…ufo…instead of uro!!! beam me up Scottie!


jane, yeh, it is an expensive way to get a new wheelie…would i do it again? dunno.