Update on wheelchair accident

Just thought that those who answered me after my accident with my brand new wheelchair might be interested to know how I am being treated by the wheelchair company now that they have got involved rather than the supplier: Large flower display and card arrived today from the company. Loaned chair arriving tomorrow from them whilst I am waiting for another which they have order new. They are adding another year to the already 2 year warranty - even for the eMotion wheels Th eUK Business Manager will be bringing the chair himself with the sales manager from the suppliers. Do you think they might be grovelling in case I sue or just good customer relations? :slight_smile: Be Well all Pat x

Great news and so they should grovel! It was really appalling the way you ended up getting hurt and that you ended up with something that was not fit for the purpose. I hope the new wheelchair is all you want and need and more besides! Tree65 xx

yes they are terrified, and so they should be. enjoy the flowers and good service.julsiexx

Hi Definitely grovelling, but enjoy your flowers and new chair when it arrives. I hope you are recovering from this nasty accident. Pam

That’s more like it. Well done you, sticking up for yourself. Nice that they are taking things seriously and trying their best, for whatever reason. Thanks for the update and the good news. Alison x