My wheelchair was repaired today..

It needed two new wheels. Specially made wheels because I have a one handed wheelchair. It must hav been an expensive repair.

Hope the thug who mowed me down gets the bill.

But…I want to question my memory. I had the appointment for the re delivery of the chair NEXT Tuesday. Hubby suspected I was wrong and rang them. They said NO Today! THIS Tuesday.

MS and memory don’t get along too well do they?

Glad you have your own chair back. I’m waiting for a phone call to tell me my new Helium is here!

What was the outcome with your solicitor and the whole sorry saga?

I haven’t heard a word. My solicitor went for the CCTV. What does silence from your solicitor mean?

My solicitor, a lovely woman called Carol…it’s easier to type Carol!..she took ten months to do my sisters will. She took ages doing my will and equally as long doing a power of attorney.

Carol was very quick sorting out my next door neighbours when they tried to land grab part of my garden, so she can move!

I don’t like to chase, I just hope she sorts it out behind the scenes and a cheque comes through the door.

Hmmm. I think you may end up writing a cheque to her, faster than receiving one through the door. Good luck.

A one handed wheelchair? I can’t imagine what that is!

Can you describe it please?

I’d be giving Carol a call if I were you.


My right arm is too weak to push a wheelchair so I have a left handed chair.

It is difficult to use and only works on the flat because I’d need a left arm like Arnies to push up an incline. But…it has two rails instead of one on the left wheel. One pushes it to the right, the other pushes it to the left. If I grab both at once and push together it goes straight forward. Bloody difficult and whilst I am grateful for it I can’t use it effectively. I have to be pushed most of the time.

Pill see if I can find a link to a picture of one.

I think this link has a picture of a wheel with two drives on one wheel.

Dont all go rushing to get one…very hard to push yourself.

Oh right I see. I admire your pluck!

Are you adamant to keep pushing yourself as long as you can, or would you fancy an electric chair?