updates on grrr1 and grrr2

Hi, got a bit of good news on grrr 1…my new wheelie damage…

after checking that I had or hadnt received a reply to my e-mail to Pride yesterday and finding i hadnt, I became incensed with temper all over again, as my sis wanted me to read to her what I had sent to them.

So I rang Motability and explained my story of the damage and my disappointment with the quality of materials used in the armrests.

I got a very helpful and understanding lady, who said a replacement armrest would be paid for and fitted by the RSA insurance company. Afterall I am paying weekly for that cover.

She agreed with the dealer that having a shock impact covering on the armrest, would protect both me and it`s structure.

There would be nothing for me to pay and I should ring the insurance straight away.

I did so and was greeted with politeness and efficiency by a lovely lad from Liverpool, called Paul. he gave me a claim number and said he would ring the dealer and arrange for the part to be ordered and fitted.

So that was good.


After the new part is fitted, then yes, a similar light knock will only result in the same problem, so my hubby is going to cover both armrests in leatherette and something else underneath…dunno what yet…but as most of you already know, he is a very resourceful hubby.

I have other news…

I had a letter today with details of next weeks appointment re my misbehaving bladder.....an anaesthetic cream will be used to numb the area, before a camera with a telescope is inserted......then Ill be able to Watch with Doctor (as opposed to with Mother), as we take a look inside BBC 5…Boudica`s Bladder Camera!


luv Pollyxxx

hi poll

so very glad that you have had a positive outcome to both of your grrrrs!

and you hubby has a new project too.

carole x

Didn’t see this update when I replied to your original post - glad motability sorted you out

dont hold your breath with Pride. I had a jazzy wheelchair (still have its in the shed!) that developed a problem but Pride were most unhelpful.


Hi Jane, not even had a courtesy reply from pride.