Life on the loo!

Afternoon friends!

I am spending a lot of time on the loo lately! I know a lot of you do that too, eh?

So how do you pass the time? I like to do crosswords. Simple ones, but hard enough for me!

I also look at the damage I am doing to the bathroom flooring, walls and doorway, with my wheelie.

There are lots of other areas where my presence is obvious.

Honestly, if ever we put the house on the market, there`ll have to be a lot of re-plastering, painting and dent filling done!

luv Pollx

Afternoon Poll I know the feeing looking at the dents in the woodwork!!! I use the very small downstairs loo and I have to leave the door open looking into the hall and can see the bumps in the paintwork I have made with my scooter!!! Oh the Is your bowel acting up? Please ask your MS nurse about the peristeen…mind you that takes about 30 or more minutes to do!!! I usually have my iPad to hand so I can do a bit surfing…multi tasking or what!!! :wink: Love Linda x

Hi Linda, dont think im gonna ask again about peristeen now. If I havent been for 3 days again, Ill call the district nurse to come and give me a small enema, as I was advised.

Glad I`m not the only one wrecking their house! I told hubby I want an open plan house. He said I am doing that myself, half an inch at a time!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll We’ll have to see who gets to make their home open plan 1st then eh? We just seem to get one dent repaired and before you know it…crash!!! Oh well it’s only cosmetic says my hubby!!! Love Linda x


lf l won the lottery - would have to be the Euro Millions - l would get a team of inventors to design a ‘lnvisible Porta Loo’ lt would follow me around all the time - and when ever l need to go - it will be there ready for me. Like the Kings New Clothes - nobody will be able to see it but me.

l have spent some of this afternoon up our field - with Bruno - while he was enjoying having a doze in the sun - lying amongst very lush grass/clover - l was filling a wheel-barrow with horse-muck. lts a dirty job - but someones got to do it!!

What goes in one end - comes - eventually - out the other.

Chicks are enjoying their life outdoors in a large run. They have a long branch to perch on - and already you can see who is boss!! - lts Bren.


Hi Poll, While your sat on the loo you can think about me sat on it too lol, I have had to do a fluid and output chart and I went for a wee 14 times yesterday !!! Saw the continence nurse today and she is trying me with some meds and if they don’t help I have to see a urologist and just to top it off I have another uti grrrrr . Keep smiling Poll love Karen

My hubby is tired of repairing the damage, as I only go and do it again!

luv Pollx

Oh poor you…I reckon I go around 9 times a day. It wears me out, sets my Elvis leg going too! I am on oxybutynin to calm my baldder…20mg in a morning. They`re good, but cause a very dry mouth.

luv Pollx

It has been said more than once, that I am a bossy so and so. Move over bren!

luv Pollx