Hi guys, thought i`d better check in as a few buddies have been concerned as to my wherabouts!

I am busy project managing my new wetroom. Hubby has knocked part of a wall down, to widen the doorway for me and t`chariot! i have to keep meself and doggy away from flying shards of tile and plaster!

We got the loan from the bank to pay for it all, seeing as i have already waited 9 months and have been told I am number 1 hundred and chuffin 60 on the councils list of folk needing a DFG. I am fed up of banging meself and needing urgent toenail attention, on the tight hallway walls and also trapping my arm and hands as the loo is too close to the wall, when my commode gets in there. Once it`s done it will be fab-u-lous! as Mrs O says on X factor.

Well have to eat less and drink less too...........Im only talking coffee and hot chocolate here mind!

I`ve been buying lots of bling for Hollywood and a really decadent mirror…oooh missus…

.Mrs O says that too, doesn`t she?

Got another thing in common with her…our ages are the same. Ive not had as much plastic surgery as she has! thats got you intrigued, eh?

So, if I seem a tad quiet, you know why…I am up to me wheels in rubble!

luv Pollx

My apologies Polly, I have just deleted the other Hollywood post which had a couple of replies from Carole and JBK.

Sorry ladies!



Sounds good. Keep us posted - if you have time… What colour’s your hard hat? :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to hearing all about it when you have it all finished. Keep you and doggy safe your hubby too Barney

Still at it…plumber came today to discuss fittings…oh I am excited!


Soundsnlike Christmas has come early Poll…well done, it will obviouusly make a huge improvement for you all.

Pam x

Wow, sounds like a fant stic improvement I taking place chez Poll! Wishing hubby well in his endeavours and a swift completion of your wet room. It’s going to be a fantastic early Christmas present! Loads of love, Dawn. xxx

Hi Poll, I came on EL to look for you as thought this morning I hadn’t seen you in a while!

Wow wetroom sounds greeeeaaaaat!!!

Glad you got the loan and love the idea of a Hollywood theme!

Lots of love,

Pat x

Hi, my poor hubby is working so hard…and this is just doing preparation work. The plumber starts on Monday.

And to think, I said we`d get someone in to save hubby doing so much!

So far he has, emptied the room…boy there was some stuff…it was his den and a place to store all our paper junk…stripped the walls, removed skirting boards and coving, repaired the walls by plastering, fitted the new ceiling spot lights and centre light, painted the ceiling, removed part of the dividing wall twixt old and new wet rooms, to make a wider doorway. Made the doorway frame and fitted it…removed part of the window sill to make it level with the wall. His next job is to paper and paint one wall, where the new radiator will go…oh it is coming tomorrow…it is a designer one, at a third of the normal cost…it`s is a vertical high gloss black one…yeh, Hollwood!

The mirror is also coming tomorrow…oh boy…Hollywood again…an infinity mirror with blue sparkly effect of a deep cave…a real wower!

I am enjoying my job as Project Manager…got a sore finger from all the surfin`!

luv Pollx

Gosh, so much done in a short time…well done hubby! It sounds like it’ll be marvellous, very star-like! Wishing you both well for Monday, hope they soon have it completed for you, just in time for the Christmas holiday! Just don’t get ideas above your station Mrs.Project Manager, or hubby may start to hire you out! Loads of love, keep smiling! Dawn. xxxx

Oh yeh! Id love to be an interior designer...........some of those tv shows are great, but others dont seem to get it right at all...............still, theres no accounting for taste, eh?


Hi Poll,

Sounds like it’s going to be fabulous! How rubbish you should have to get a loan to sort it though!

Love Sara xx

Wow, he has done well in a short time, well done.

When it is finished you could have a Hollywood wetroom party…be an excuse to get the glad rags out.

Pam x

Its a shame we can’t have photographs…this is gonna be some wetroom

Sounds fab

Decided to inject a touch of a different colour…got a teal blind and some towels and flannels in same. … on and toothbrushes to match too! Hubby`s on with the papering now, bless him.

For all his hard work hes treated himself to some cine films......for when he gets the time to watch em!


ps Hollywood!

so jelous but you are soooooooo worth it!

Sara x