busy Boudica

Allo, yeh, if anyone wonders why I seem to be taking over the el board, its cos I`ve been in bed a couple of days with a chest infection.

So I`ve just been catching up…ok, call me nosey!

On the Hollywood front…it`s all going well, about half way there…the black sparkly night wallboards are just soo…well…Hollywood!

luv Poll

going back to bed shortly…feeling weak after all this talking.

Sorry about your chest Poll!! What I mean is sorry to hear that you have a chest infection.

I have missed seeing you on here. Don’t apologise for being nosey. I am too!!

Wet room sounds like it is going well. Will you have room for a silver sparkly disco ball in the middle? That would finish it off lovely!!

Nice to see you back sweets.

Hope your chest infection clears soon. You got to be better for those lovely grandkiddies at Christmas.

Shazzie xx

Sorry to read about your chest infection (not nice). I hope that you will soon be pulling crackers with the rest of us.


Hi Poll, Sorry you have a chest infection, nasty things. I have been suffering with an ear infection this last week. Glad your wet room is making progress, sounds lovely. Sending you hugs Barney

hiya poll

hope your chest infection clears up soon so that you can enjoy your hollywood decor like a proper movie queen.

love carole x