Good afternoon my pals 1 and all!

Well, its finished! My new wetroom is functioning and boy oh boy! It is simply gorgeous! I cant quite believe this utterly fabulous room is in my house. i feel like I am in a glitzy glam hotel when I`m in there.

For those of you who know all about it already, you can move on to another post or prepare to be bored hearing all about it again, as I describe it to anyone who hasn`t read my earlier posts about it.

Just like on froo tkeyole with Keith lemon, heres a description;

I keep the door closed so the impact is greater as it opens.

The size of the room hits you first…it hasnt been extended or stretched, yet it does look a lot bigger.

Putting the lights on, gives a greater effect…there are 4 sunken chrome spotlights and a central glass square with chrome fixings, these all shine on 2 and a half walls which are clad in Black Galaxy shower wallboards, and you pick up different colours each time you look at them… blues, pale oranges, silvers.

In the acutal shower corner, there is a chrome valve and shower head, (which works off the combi-boiler). There is a chrome telescopic shower rail holding 2 silver grey curtains…one at either end, the hooks are chrome and look like little feet with toes!

In another corner, there is a high gloss black vertical designer radiator (I know, fancy, eh?), which has 3 heart shaped diamante clothes hooks, next to that is a chrome 3 tier floor standing caddy for shower gels, sponges, loo rolls etc, on the wall is a chrome towel rail and shelf, on the opposite wall is the loo and basin with semi pedestal which I can comfortably get me knees under. The tap…oh the tap! It is a waterfall one…so cool!

There are 2 glass and chrome wall shelves, one for my toothmug, black and diamante of course, brush, etc and a matching soap dispenser. Tother shelf is for hubbys stuff.

Now…the piece de resistance is the mirror…it is an infinity mirror. Switch the light on and it gives the effect off hundreds of tiny blue lights which go deep and deeper into the wall…a fairy grotto or a starlit sky…amazing!

The floor is altro, which goes up the walls about 5 inches. On the window shelf is a black and diamante RELAX thingy and a white star studded fish!

What really adds a touch of something is the teal roller blind with chrome cut out squares, the teal towels, flannel laid folded over the basin edge and a teal pottery candle holder on hubby`s shelf.

There is also a chrome loo roll stand and a chrome pedal bin.

So there you have it folks…HOLLYWOOD…and i cant quite believe its mine…oh and courtesy of NatWest who lent us the dosh to pay for it!

luv Pollyxxxxxx

Oh Poll it sounds FAB-U-LOUS!!! You so deserve it to make your life that little easier. It sounds so glitzy…just perfect! Luv Linda xx

Sounds lush, can we see a piccy?

Sonia x

Ooooh Poll. I am super jealous! !! Sounds absolutely amazing. A dream bathroom, one of those you see on telly and imagine having… Can I come and drool over it??? Kate x x

It sounds fab, and you got all the work done so quickly too. Enjoy. Cheryl:-)

wowser Poll,it sounds amazing.wish we could see photos on here.

J x

Sounds beautiful Poll Noreen x

Sounds fabulous, shame you can’t post pictures on here to show us all. Hope you enjoy using it and don’t become too posh to post anymore. Linda x

It sounds wonderful. Enjoy


When is the grand opening party??? You can’t give us all the diamante descriptions and not expect us not to want to share .

Enjoy your sparkle my lovely

JBK xx

Sounds fabulous Poll, you deserve it, enjoy.

Pam x

l thought you were having to wait until the New Year - to get it done. lt sounds amazing Poll - nothing more then you deserve.

We have had an unexpected expense - my beloved stair-lift will have to be replaced. lts still working - but only just. Next week we hope it will be replaced. The only way the ‘mechanic’ could g et it going was to clout it with a hammer!!! l have had two second-hand lifts in 25yrs. Now we are going to have a brand new one. l know that now l could not even get up the stairs on ‘me ands-n-knees’ - No more coming down in my pyjamas - l now get washed and dressed just in case l cannot get back up again.

Enjoy the luxury Poll - l can really picture it from your discription - all bright and twinkly.

Gee thanks all…dunno how to put pics up…dont do facebook…neighbours have been for a viewing…everyone is amazed at how big the room looks…yet they all have the same back bedroom of the same size. All impressed at the wallboards and overall finish. The mirror is knocking `em bandy! (Del boy expression)

Now poor hubby is busy demolishing the old bathroom. The walls are down and the floor is proving to be a nightmare. we had a wetroom floor put in by cowboys…but not cowboy prices…the wood is rotten…the old tray is diabolical…what a chuffin` mess!

He has a pick axe and is banging and bashing. Lucy and me are ordered to stay in the lounge and NOT come out. Hope my bag and bottle hold out!

So whilst my fella is up to his knees in rubble and soggy wood, Ive been surfing for curtains and table settings. The space is going to be a dining area.............itll look really good as it is off the kitchen. The table will go nicely there. I`ll still have lots of room for manoevering around.

I cant decide on the colour or black and white? I need a retail trip to see whats available. More pennies please!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, just about to start changing our new (18 month old bathroom) taking out bath and replacing with slimline walk in shower, decided against a wet room, having had a very traumatic incident in a hotel bathroom, as a child - will leave that to your imagination as it’s a long story! I did our last en-suite completely black with wall panels, they are brill! bathroom was white and both had the chrome inserts between each panel - looked great, just trying to decide whether to go with slate effect this time, just for a change, , at least the shower we have will still be ok, always use the same plumber and he’s given us a great price…so he should the amount of work he’s had from us! he got a lot of jobs from people who saw the old house - even the estate agent changed their plumber for work on rentals! I absolutely understand how exciting it is - enjoy!

Hi Maude, hope your alterations go well too hun.

luv Pollx