Good evening friends, How I hate these dark nights. I am struggling to see the keys here, as hubby is busy and I cant reach the light! Hang on, he`s just put it on for me!

So whats hubby doing? hes clearing out and stripping the wallpaper (sorry if anyone is hoping to read about naughty stuff!), in the room where my new wet room will be…in the New Year!

That room is a downstairs spare bedroom, which was his den. he collects old projectors and films. It`s also where he uses his pc. But it always looked a tip!

Anyway, all this is so that our current tight hallway can be made much bigger and more open, by knocking the current bathroom walls down. If you saw the dents, chunks and scrapes I have made in the walls, doors, and floors…not to mention the chunks ive made in my poor toes (even been offered toenail removal..........but dont want it), youd think who on earth had been through the place. Mmmm, just thought, Boudica on her chariot does live here, eh?

It`s gonna be good innit?

luv Pollx

hi poll

you’ll be showering in luxury!

mind your poor toes, ouch!!

good to hear that your husband is stripping for you.

carlole x

Exciting times :slight_smile: I’m sure it’ll be lush!

Sonia x

Oh poo! I got my hopes up there lol.

Still glad to hear your new wet room is on the way.


Ta all. Im gonna have black and chrome accessories, grey sparkle shower wallboards and pale grey painted walls everywhere else. Therell be a glitzy mirror over the basin, glass shelves and grey altro flooring.

Not got the quote yet…just hope it is within the budget!


oooh sounds lovely. i have a black and white bathroom with chrome acessories and an enormous heated towel rail. I just love it. Hope your dream is within budget. As for the heading of your thread I was getting excited but then again if I stripped in public someone would probably just hand me an iron!

Ha Dinks!

I knew my post would cause a stir with it`s title!

I was naughty and intended to raise a smile or tow.



My downstairs wetroom - [brilliant for showering the dogs!] - The special flooring - like the stuff they use in hospitals - which l think, is as you called it ,Altro. Well ours is white with lots of flecks of black etc - plus it twinkles with the light on. Didn’t realise when l chose it from the builders samples. l love it - it goes up the walls about 5inches- so no skirting boards. And it is non-slip. The builders did get someone in who specialises in fitting this type of flooring. Too expensive to be messed up. But it does not show wheel-marks etc. l can’t see it wearing out. The walls are those very large tiles. Bought some new towels from Matalan last week - change of colour scheme - got the ‘lime-green’. Old towels now for the doggies.

Big mistake l made when we had this extension done - was to have the skirtings/doors/architraves/staircase/rails painted - as like you l have started to ‘distress’ the paintwork - with the help of the dogs - and my rollator/wheelchair. Would have been much easier if it had been just stained/waxed woodwork.

Glad your hubby has made a start now - should be clear of lots of rubbish before you want to get you xmas baubles out. My OH has perloined what was our dining room for a office/gloryhole - he has fishing/diving/camping equipment in there as well. lts a front room - so what anyone thinks when they come to the front-door. l have pinned up a net curtain to cover the glass-panels on the door.

lts the JAck Osbourne thing on tele now!

Hi, we will be having altro flooring, and it will go up the walls a few inches. I want dark grey and in the shower, not having tiles, but waterproof wallboards… black and sparkly as in the floor, so hubby`s nightly trips to the little room will be starlit!

Having a semi-pedestal basin with square chrome mixer top…have you seen those which are waterfall?

Roller blind in back with chrome square eyelets at bottom, chrome caddies, mosaic edged wall mirror, black and chrome bin and toilet brush/holder…yes, I am busy project managing…well what else can one do from a wheelchair!

Hubbys in there now, prepping the place, noises and draughts emanating through to the lounge. Hes pulled the carpet up and removed the skirting boards…what the chuff for yet, I asked and got that shut up/get out look. There`s no door on the room so it will be chilly tonight. Will need my thermals on under my wincyette nightie, bed jacket and overcoat in bed ce soir!

Still not got that quote yet. Yes, hubby is a brill DIYer, but this project may just be a tad too much…

watch this space.

luv Pollx


Your talents are wasted - you should be on DIY SOS as the designer - you know more about whats needed in cases like ours - ‘special and out of the ordinary needs’-

Don’t forget the intercom - so you can shout out if someones used the last of the toilet roll. lts always MEN! - why can they never replace a new roll - and the right way round. [Never understood why they can’t aim straight -another pethate of mine - saw a picture of gents urinals in Holland - and they had a very life-like picture of a fly at the bottom of the pan- and this improved aim. Shall superglue a plastic fly in our loo see if it works]