Just used my new level-access shower!

It’s been a long time coming. OT approved it months ago… can’t remember when. Started it week yesterday and electrician signed it off about an hour ago… so, at this precise moment, I might possibly be the cleanest woman in England! :o It’s wonderful. Really smart looking. Power shower, all new tiles, completely level with floor, new fan and new flooring. I’ve been using a communal shower for over a year (live in sheltered) as couldn’t get in or out of bath. Can’t put all my stuff back in bathroom yet as painter coming tomorrow… but hey…not complaining. It’s been really hard having the workmen here as I’ve had mega fatigue and couldn’t go to bed and everything such a mess BUT so worth it! Pat x :smiley:

Wow, I wondered why my pc was wafting clean soapy smells at me when I logged on!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I am well chuffed for you kiddo. hope you have years of waterbased bliss in there!!! :sunglasses: Clarexxx

Hi Pat, I missed this post, and have just asked if the shower is finished! Communal shower? Now that conjours up a picture of lots of nuddies displaying their wares to each other. Was it really that much fun? Don`t forget to use those grab rails, eh? luv Pollx

Tee he Poll. Fortunately we ain’t that communal! In fact I’m the only person who even went down there in my bath robe! Very respectable lot here…YES will use grab rails love. Got a seat that folds into wall, and pull-down arms. OH it’s lovely lovely lovely… Thanks Poll and Clare. Think I’ll have another shower before bed… just to check it’s still working… :lol: Pat xxx