ive just had a bath

its the first time for months and months.

but im a stubborn cow who likes to stick 2 fingers up at ms every now and again.( a shower just aint the same ).

it was a bit precarious getting in and out, but with my son hovvering in the distance just in case, i did it then collapsed into bed with the fan on full wack.

go suck on that you nasty nasty illness.

what do you do to get one back on this sodding illness?

the fight goes on!

zelda x

Good for you and I bet it felt great. I haven`t got a bath anymore so no choice, but would love to be able to soak in a bath again.


I love my wet room but nothing beats a luxurious soak in the bath - I’m jealous

(that’s me green with envy, not billious!)


That really made me chuckle! Glad you’re not about to vomit! Messy business?

Pleased you managed your bath Zelda, just in time for getting all the Christmas smellies! I can only shower so some things I receive are a little useless and leave me a touch envious! Still they often look pretty on the shelf!!! Que Sera!!!

Donna x

Id love a bath, dont have one now though. When it gets really cold outside and my feet and hands are like ice I would love to soak.

Can understand the fan on afterwards though - thats why I had to have a shower. How I miss my bath and lovely bubble bath.

Well done you, tell the ms to go take a running jump.



MS can’t keep a good woman down. Good for you.



love a bath but have got a wet room now the last time i tried it diddnt go well i know how you feel

Hi janet,good for you…good old fashioned fighting spirit!

I miss our bath…have to use a shower.

But, I am going for my 3rd respite break on 1st Dec and they give me a jacuzzi bath every day!!! heaven…that`s my main pleasure in going there!

luv Pollx

thanks for the replies everyone, i slept like a log last night, it eased the pain and spasms for the night and i am rather proud of myself (sad i know) but sometimes a girls got to do what takes her fancy. x