Advice - Mum has MS wanting to make life easier

Hiya, My mum has MS and I want to surprise her my doing a make over of the bathroom. I was looking at the bath/showers with the doors and wondered if anyone has any advice on this!? Although a walk in shower with chair is best but I’m proud of my mum she has had Ms for 14 years and she is still mobile and independent along with being a proud woman I don’t want to take away what she loves (her bath time) while she still can. Any advice would be great :slight_smile:

Hi Candi, I admire your kindness in wanting to help your mum.

But as you say she is a very proud and able woman, she may not agree with what you are planning.

it is going to be a very costly feat to install. So I think it advisable to discuss it with your mum first, eh?

I had my bath taken out and a wet room installed. Oh how I miss my long soaks in a bath.

luv Pollx

Pollx Hi,

Thank you for your reply, its something we have spoke about and she doesnt want a fuss! By dad, sister and myself arent sure she never wants a fuss and we respect that just thought its not something outside of the house would know about so wouldnt damage her pride.

She has spoke about a wet room before because her relapses are getting worse and lasting for longer so she is giving in to the idea that things around the house are going to have to change.

I guess we wil have to try and talk to her again.

Thank you though

Candi x