I am new to being on here, but I could use some advice. I am 26, I live with and help care for my mum who has had MS for the last 15ish years. She has secondary progressive MS and over the years I have seen her deterioriate and now when we are out she mostly uses a mobility scooter or wheelchair. I feel I need some support, but I’m not really sure where to look, does anyone have any experience of support groups? or know where I can find support for me? I work full time as a shift worker days and nights and I am trying to hold things together, but sometimes I do feel down about it. I often feel guilt that I can’t do more to help her. Its hard to explain to my peers when they cannot understand the situation.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, firstly I want to say how lucky your dear mum is, to have such a caring daughter…or are you her son? Not clear from your post.

It must be so hard for you, with working full time.

I dont think you will be able to continue doing all this yourself, or you could become ill.

Have you thought about maybe getting some outside help in to help your mum?

I now have 3 carers, beside my hubby. He saw to all my care, 24/7 for 11 years.

He has his own health issues and i always feel awful/sorry for being so dependent on him.

But he does get a little rest time and time for himself, when my carers are here or take me out.

There is also something called Carers` Project in our area. Try googling the name and see what comes up.

I feel pretty sure there will be something similar near you.

To apply for help with your mum, ring Social Services and have a chat with them, eh?

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