Finding a carer-where to start

Hi I’m new on here but I’ve read some of the other threads and found them very useful. It’s nice to know there are other people going through the same thing as it’s easy to feel isolated most of the time!
I’m 18 years old and live with my mum who has had ms for around 30 years now although I can only remember it being part of my own life for the past 7 years. My older sister moved out last year to go to university and so the caring side has fallen on me. My mum has become increasingly bad and the ms is progressing at a much faster rate. Each day I think is the worst day, but then I am proven wrong when the following day comes. The problem is that I am due to go to university September this year and my sister doesnt finish for another year. Therefore within that year there is noone around to care for my mum. I would like to know what type of carers there are available, what level of care they provide and how to find one. My mum cannot walk or stand without assistance, she currently has a walking frame although she struggles with that. She can get some of her own meals, however it proves a great difficulty and I usually step in and help. Just recently she has been getting confused easily and cannot concentrate for long periods of time. She also falls asleep a lot, but this is mainly in the late afternoon and evening. My main concern is that she has been falling quite a bit and her muscles completely cease up meaning she cannot move.

I’d really like some help on what the next step should be and what our options are for the following year. She can be fairly stubborn at times and doesnt want to lose her independance so preferably it needs to be as non invasive as possible. I also think that just having someone to speak to would help.
Any advice would be greatly apreciated, I feel so lost!

Please get in touch with your adult serices department through your council. Do you have a social worker? Your mum should have an assessment to decide what help she needs. My husband was the most stubborn man in the world - he didn’t like the idea of carers, but one in particular became a very good friend to him. The care costs will be means assessed, but at least your mum will get the care she needs - and you will have peace of mind

Thanks for your reply, we’ve been in contact with social services so we are going to go from there. Hopefully we will work something out :slight_smile:

Hi bek, I remember earlier posts from you re your mum and you and your sister`s worries about her.

sje is right…and you`ve done the right thing.

As September is a only few months away, you`ll need to let Social Services know that you need this given top priority. It could take some time to get carers actually in place.

I have a morning carer. I am lifted every morning, when I her her cheery Morning, as she lets herself in. I trust her totally. She is kind, caring and patient with me, when my functions are difficult or go awry.

I didnt know her before she came to work for me, now we are best friends.

I had her recommended to me by a friend who employs her.

Good luck with everything.

luv Pollx

Do you also have cntact with the Ms nurse? She may be able t talk to your mum - maybe talk to her about her medications, and whether they can change/increase anything that wuld help with the stiffness? Your GP or Neuro should be able to tell you wether you have access to one.

(As a hint, Social services are very slow- you need to keep badgering them else your case moves further down their list - my husband’s own social worker told me that!)