Happy birthday house!

Hi gang!

It`s 24 years today that we moved into our bungalow.

A helluva lot has happened in that time.

It was a true bungalow back then and as we had 2 teenage girls, hubby and bro-in-law put a loft conversion in.

My and hubby`s bedroom was downstairs in the dining room. When the youngest lass left, we moved upstairs to sleep, but i didnt settle and as the loo is downstairs, we returned to the dining room.

The upstairs has housed mother in law, visiting family, returning daughters and kids when marriages failed, grandchildren and boyfriends of daughters too…so upstairs has seen a lot of different bodies.

It also had a shower room, loo and basin put in, when ma in law was with us, plus we had a stair lift put in for her. But we had it removed when she left, as it took up so much room. hence i`ve not been up there for around 10 years!

The housing adaptations bods are now looking at making the hall way wider…rsjs will defo be needed! I have trouble getting around the place in my wheelie and lots of areas bear the scars of my own attempts to make the downstairs open plan! My body bears similar marks! So after 24 years, have we paid the mortgage off? Nah, another 7 years to go, due to extra borrowing to pay for alterations to make living here more suitable for this 60 yr old wheelie golden girl! I reckon weve spent around 35/40k doing that ourselves.

It`s a costly do being disabled, innit?

luv Pollx

hi poll

you are my inspiration!

hope you and your hubby can one day just enjoy living in your home and not a building site.

take care and happy birthday to your hubby

love carole xxxxx

Hi Carole, what a lovely thing to say!

I used to be so houseproud, but nowadays it is such hard work to keep up to it. From my seated level, I can see skirting boards, corners and other areas which are dusty and grimey. It does bother me, but I have realised there are more important things than a show house to worry about!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll As you say more important things to worry about now!!! So pleased G hasn’t stopped caring for you!!! :wink: Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Graham…happy birthday to you!!! luv Linda x

G says ta lots hinny!


Hee Hee no probs… Xxx