Mrs Bulldog!

Yeh, an intriguing post title eh?

Wait for it, this is a good `un!

I spent yesterday in bed, as I have no sunday carer at the mo and it`s easier for Mr Poll if I stay in bed. I quite like it too!

So after tea, he got me up to go to the loo (I didnt go) and in putting me back to bed, he helpfully placed a pad in situ as is the norm.

Then I went to to fix a large bulldog clip that I use, to fasten my spc tube to the bed rail, as it drains better like that.

It wasnt in my bedside drawer, it wasnt on the bed, it wasnt on the floor. I looked. Hubby looked. Nope, couldnt find it.

So we had to do without it and said we`d get Bev to search this morning.

Well she slung/hoisted me upp and removed the used pad, only to find the chuffin bulldog clip contained therein!

In my chuffin pad! She couldnt understand why it was there, as I hadnt got round to telling her about losing the clip.

She held it up and looking puzzled said, How have you slept with this in there? Didnt you feel it?

I took hold of it and boy! was it warm!!!

I know I`ve lost some feeling in various parts of my body…but even so, eh?

Oh this life has so many hidden things for us yet to discover, eh?


Ooh lovie, I hope it’s not bruised the Boudica butt!!

I thought the post was going to be about Boudica turning into a very British Bulldog. (Clever too hmm?)

Knowing that you’re interviewing carers, I thought you’d been getting snarly!

Good to know you’re still being nice.

S xx