Good morning folks

Where/how is everyone?? Take care, M

Hi M, … waiting for Sainsburys delivery… then hope to get out on my scooter for a while. Haven’t been out for a week and got cabin fever… fatigue fatigue fatigue… but a little ride round will cure that! AND SUNNY AND NOT RAINING FOR ONCE!!! .

Take care hon and have a good day,

Pat x

What a lovely day it’s been. Got all my washing dry today. Just got the ironing to do for 6 people now! Oh well! Teresa xx

Hope you got out Pat , even thinking about your ironing makes me tired, Teresa. I hope everyone has a good daytake care, M

Hi All, what is it with doing the ironing l have just done 2 hours and ready for a pre bed sleep, not the weather here for getting out on scooter. thinking about getting asda shop on line would stop hubby poping the odd packet of things in trolly and save me money,

Take care Regards Jan

Hi Jan, I count myself as very lucky on the ironing score. I live on my own. Nobody else to iron for! I hang and fold my washing carefully… thereby avoiding ironing altogher. If it’s something that HAS to be ironed, it goes to the charity shop. I haven’t plugged my iron in since I gave up work over 6 years ago!!!

There are some advantages to not having family to care for!

Pat x

Hi folks

I’m with Pat, I fold my washing VERY carefully or buy ‘lazy care’ items!!

I did it, yesterday to completed an MS research project 72 mins in an MRI scanner, so today They wanted Progressive MSersFinally looking at ‘Progresive’ we are such an interesting bunch, maybe a lazy day watching ‘Rebecca’ (an old black and white movie/classic, for our younger viewers). Take care, M

very today…

M, I love the film ‘Rebecca’… got it on dvd and watch it about every year. One of my favourites. Have you read the book?

I’m having day also…

Have a good one and enjoy film…

Pat xx

And M I forgot to say ‘well done you’ for finishing the research project!!! 72 mins in scanner. Ooooh. Hard work. But well done for doing it. It will all lead one day to treatment and who knows… the ‘C’ word…

(Cure )

Pat x

If only Pat, not much money spent on ‘Progressive’, so I picked up my courage and used my mantra ‘I can do this’. I was not as terrified as I thought, really nice/reassuring people helped. I couldn’t find a smiley for relieved so.

The film was just great, no I haven’t read the book. I can’t concentrate to read any more, maybe I’ll try audio, although I fear I’d fall asleep

Hope you have a good day, take care M

The film is so true to the book that if you’ve seen the film it’s like you’ve read the book. When you’re reading the book the film sort of plays in you mind! I also fall asleep with audio… funny that. My mind wanders and then I nod off or I do into a daydream and suddenly realise I haven’t listened to it for about an hour.

Do you think you daydream more since MS? Vivid daydreams? I seem sometimes to have a whole movie playing in my head. Maybe some sort of escapism?

I like your mantra… ‘I can do this’.

Have a good one M .

Pat xx

I’ve seen the movie and read the book Pat. I agree the movie has kept close to the book. It’s Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine I think. I think I have daydreams as I start to nod off but I’m aware of my surroundings but seem to have a dream going on. Very weird as I don’t tend to dream at night or not that I remember anyway. M well done on the research project, it’s people like you that will get this thing licked! Teresa xx

Hi folks

I’m not aware of many dreams at night BUT daydreaming depends on how tired I am, I think (yes, I do sometimes) the drugs have a lot to do with messing with my mind? I’m all for escapisim, tooooooo much realism is soooooooo not good for you.

Really tired today, just enough to make my breakfast. I may not have said it for a while but I this super cool forum I hope you have a good weekendTake care, M

Teresa, yes Laurance Olivier and Joan Fontaine and directed by Hitchcock. Wonderful stuff! I know what you mean about dreams as you’re nodding off… it is strange… I’m really aware sometimes how my brain functions differently since I’ve had MS… I don’t just mean the symptoms, but stuff like the daydreams which are so vivid, almost real. Never quite sure though if it’s the MS damage that causes it or the result of being at home alone so much and being so unwell so much of the time. Maybe all people with chronic illness get the same strange sensations… (thought for the day!!!)

M, hope you have a good day hon… yes, agree, we are a super cool forum and really don’t know what I would do without you guys. Never alone with your ppms buddies!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Pat xx

Just sat for a rest today, was not going to sleep but had my eyes closed. I immediately started to daydream. Weird! I wish we could have some lovely, warm, sunny weather. May can be great. I’m fed up with the rain and damp conditions. Have a lovely weekend guys, despite the weather. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, me too… oh for some sunshine!!! I don’t mind the cold so much but it’s this grey sky that’s so depressing!

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone… summer will come soon!!! (and then I’ll be complaining about the heat!)

Pat xx

Saw a headline on one of the papers Pat when I was out. ‘it will be winter until June.’ Help! Teresa xx

Till June!!! Went over my Mum’s today… was very cold. Nice to be out and lovely lunch etc but so glad to be home in the warm. Knackered and of course nothing to watch on telly. Oh well…

Pat x

It’s time to wheel out the box sets and watch them until you are goggle-eyed. Mind you, saw Planet Earth Live. I liked that very much. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa… yes got out my box set of the Swedish Wallander. Nothing like a nice bit if Nordic murder to pass the time…

Pat x