Sounds good Pat. A few murder mysteries will pass the time really well but make sure it doesn’t give you nightmares! Teresa xx

Oh Teresa murder mysteries never give me nightmares… I love em.

I read an interesting thing… apparently they are so popular because they are actually quite reassuring… a murder (or murders) takes place and world is thrown into chaos, detective (moral character) comes along and solves murder and catches murderer, end of chaos, world is returned to order and safety. Interesting eh?

I find the older I get the more I love them… I think the world is full of older women sitting around reading about the most gruesome murders… lol…

Hope you’re doing ok and have good day,

Pat x

Hi folks

Survived the holiday weekend? I did, obviouslyAn ordered life where wrongs are sorted, and people are cured. I like Utopia especially with some nice music. Or ‘Morse’ and Barrington Pheloung… I’ll have to and sit down now or hoover, my most important decision of the day. Take care, M

I’m with you Pat, I love a good murder mystery. All I read are crime novels and watch similar stuff on the telly. I hate horror movies, they scare me but not good realistic blood and guts. What is wrong with me? It has been a really beautiful day here (Hampshire) both sunny and warm. I wish there would be more of the same but it’s meant to pour all day tomorrow. Help! Look after yourselves, Teresa xx