What a week

Hi All.

After sorting the ironing out after hubby had to mend the ironing board. went out with daughter to see a friend at 6.30 at night rd dry street lights on we stopped at the traffic lights for 30 seconds or so, when a car ran into the back of us. No damage to the car as its a 4X4 he hit the spare wheel and had a dip in his bonnet numbers swapped over we went on our way, the next morning stiff neck sore shoulders and daughters back was painfull so spent the morning in A/E wipelash for me daughter had to have xrays on sholder they found a tiny crack in shoulder both given exercise to do so we don t stiffen any more. So we are taking it easy this week she has gone back to work l am trying not to do a lot only my little dog is sat looking at me to take her out, first time out in my scooter this year and the sun is out Take care.

Regards Jan xx

Oh Jan!!! How awful. Hope it stops hurting soon & wishing you and your daughter a quick recovery.

Glad you managed to get out on scooter & little dog had a run.

Have nice weekend hon… well Saturday almost gone but have nice evening and Sunday.

Fatigue monster is visiting me… uninvited of course… (actually he’s been here most of the week… put his feet up on the sofa & smoking his pipe, belching etc… he’s an uncouth sod!).

Sat in recliner all afternoon and watched box set of old murder mystery (The Blackheath Poisonings from 1991… found in library). It’s all I’m capable of.

Feel better Jan & love to you and all,

And so to bed (not even 6 pm but I need to be horizontal)

Pat xx

You need legal advice not MS advice! Anyone who drives into the back of you are being careless, so get onto their insurers and claim for the injury/car damage however small. Remember this is a sue-me-sue-you culture we now live in, making money out of every opportunity presented. Lawyers are rubbing their hands right now.

Hi many thanks for info, we are feeling better. Daughter has let her insurance sort it all out as you say he was very careless. Rain her today l want to pop out shopping later hope it stops l am making carryabag holders (with bits that l have not used on the patchwork l am trying to finish) for our MS drop in and shop to sell just need to get elestic to finish.

Hope you enjoyed the box set Pat l have a one or too l must watch.

Take care Jan xx

Glad you’re feeling better Jan!

The holders sound nice! Well done you!

I had a visitor yesterday… young woman I used to work with and her 6 month old baby girl. Gorgeous!!! One of those babies who smile all the time and hardly ever cry and so pretty with rosy cheeks. I just fell head over heels for her.

I’m paying for it today… But was lovely & very nice of them to come all the way across London on bus and tube.

Hope the weather dries up Jan… it’s a bit overcast here but quite bright. Spring in the air…

Love to all,

Pat x

PS… didn’t literally fall head over heels… LOL… should avoid expressions like that on MS site!

Take more care guys