What does your user name mean to you? lighthearted topic.

Hi, noticed that some people are changing user names and I think there are some quite cryptic ones on this forum, just wondered why you chose the particular names that you have. You don’t have to divulge but I think that some of them are great. Mine is Fudgey because this was my darling little cats name who died 8 years ago and the 37 is simply my house number from a house I lived in 7 years ago and it was where Fudgey died.

Hi, I went from boring MS43…used because every name I tried to use was already used.

I just hit random keys and that`s what came up!

Now my new name - Boudica - describes me well. If I feel I am being misjudged, I`ll battle for justice!

luv Pollx

I went from boring old PatB to Snow Leopard because after more than 5 years I was bored with PatB.

Chose Snow Leopard because I’d seen a documentary on telly about them and they are beautiful creatures (I’m actually not a beautiful creature LOL…) but they are strong creatures and I liked the idea of showing strength. Also I’m a Leo so seemed right and I love all cats.

I did think about it for days though… it’s not easy coming up with the right name.

I tend to get a bit obssessive about things and after a while I couldn’t do anything without thinking of it as a user name… Tea Bag, Boiled Egg, Bread and Butter… it got a bit nuts! So I decided to stop thinking about it and then Snow Leopard sort of plopped into my brain!

Pat x

i chose crochunter because i admired the work steve Irwin did for wild life, he is sorely missed but not forgotten.


I had a vote on here. There were about six options, but rizzo won by a landslide. It was on the list because Grease came out when I was 13, my friends and I were obsessed by it, I looked a bit like Rizzo (dark, curly hair & freckles) and I was desperately misunderstood by a particular boy! I saw the film again recently and regretted my username because I realised that the character Rizzo is not very nice at all, but I haven’t a clue what else I would call myself so I think I’m stuck with it!

Any (polite!) suggestions welcome for a new name though :slight_smile:

Karen x

I’m Nanny McPhee because my surname is McPhee and I am nanny to my two gorgeous grandsons Archie and Jack (I don’t look like her though). Anne x.

Redman because I love Liverpool FC…


My original User name was Sharon46 which is my first name and a number which means nothing to me.

Charlie came into our family 6 months ago from a rescue centre and he is my 24hr companion and I think the world of him so thought I would use his picture as my avatar and Shepherdess as I tend him for all his needs as he does for me.

Shazzie xx

I always feel pressured into coming up with some edgy or cool when creating a username! So I wimped out and went with my initials hehe!

Tara x

I wanted something fun and my son used to have a Tickle-Me Elmo toy. I’m very ticklish and always see the funny side of life so elmo seemed apt. It doesn’t seem quite so apt now that the actor who played Elmo was in the media in the past few months for unpleasant reasons … that’s where the similarity ends!!!

Tracey x

Rizzo was a FAB character!!!

Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee
Lousy with virginity
Won’t go to bed 'til I’m legally wed
I can’t; I’m Sandra Dee

Watch it! Hey I’m Doris Day
I was not brought up that way
Won’t come across,
Even Rock Hudson lost
His heart to Doris Day

I don’t drink (no)
Or swear (no)
I don’t rat my hair (eew)
I get ill from one cigarette
(cough, cough, cough)
Keep your filthy paws
Off my silky draws
Would you pull that crap with Annette?

As for you Troy Donahue,
I know what you wanna do
You got your crust
I’m no object of lust
I’m just plain Sandra Dee

Elvis, Elvis, let me be!
Keep that pelvis far from me!
Just keep your cool
Now your starting to drool
Hey Fongool, I’m Sandra Dee!

Sandy:Are you making fun of me Riz?

Rizzo:Some people are so touchy!

I use my name and what age i was at diagnose, roadrunner because that was me before dreaded lergy struck, i am now 53 and it hasnt won yet , keep up the fight :slight_smile:


Gold because it’s a precious metal, expensive and nice.

rat - born in the year of the rat.

Used to have a different avatar on the old site but couldn’t find it so new site new rat!

Jen x

I scouted round my desk for inspiration and saw the card for my dog groomers – Wendels.

I should change it but I can’t think of anything deep and meaningful


Given I was part of the landslide for rizzo there is no way I am suggesting a new name for you

Didn’t it partly come about because you had a pink avatar or something at the time?

Rizzo forever xxxx

I do like Rizzo. But what about something to do with your love of ballet?




any good?

luv Pollx

Ny username is dead boring. Just my initials and part of my name and a street number. er

I have been a member for oooooh, ummmmm, 6 or is it 7 years? Maybe it is time for a change of name here too


Oh B. Don’t get me started. We have had enough trouble with Alison haven’t we? lol.

Shazzie xx

LOL too true Shazzie

Haha, I’ve answered this one before. It sounds awfully like Citizen Kane’s: “Rosebud”!

Basically, “Anitras Tanz” (“Anitra’s Dance”) is a movement from Grieg’s “Peer Gynt Suite”.

But it’s also the name of a doll I once had, when I was very small. The doll was named by my father, after the character from the piece of music, and I, in turn, adopted the doll’s name as my online moniker. Also it’s kind of similar to “Tina”, so didn’t feel too far from home. That may have contributed to why my dad chose it, I don’t know - the doll could have been Christened “Solveig”, which doesn’t sound as pretty (to English ears, anyway).

A strange postscript is that “Anitra”, in the story, is the daughter of a Bedouin chief. I had a genetic ancestry test, and found I was distantly related to Bedouin, which is not something my father could ever have known or guessed at, when he named the doll!