What does your user name mean to you? lighthearted topic.


I have joined the trend and changed my username too. After being Brog64 for so many years I thought it was time to change it to something that meant something a bit more meaningful and so I have chosen Victoria as that is the State in Australia where I live and I chose the Leadbeater’s Possum as my avatar as it is Victoria’s Faunal Emblem. But more importantly this tiny little possum is severely endangered and after the severe bushfires and the ongoing logging in its habittat it is even more threatened. There is a large campaign on to try and protect this vulnerable little creatue so I thought this was a way of spreading its message even further around the world.


'Cos I is


i burn saucepans, 13 in 18 months, besides i tried using sarcastic bit@c and no@hitsherlock and it wouldnt let me

Schoey, childhood nickname relating to my favourite player at the time- Garry Schofield (rugby league player)

ok name change, from panburner78 to this, i think it explains itself

My initials were J C so I chose Jaycie as my user name.

There are some fab names on here! I’m nellijen because Nelly was my husband’s elderly cat’s name and Jen is my name… I was stuck for a username when I first got the internet in 2000 and I looked at our cat and it happened, just like that! :0)

Very good B. We have started something now haven’t we?

Oh well. A change is as good as a rest eh?

Sgazzie xxx

Hello S4ar means ‘secret for a reason’. I know some people find anonymous postings off-putting but for reasons personal to me, I can’t say too much about myself. I also have an everyday sign on. I have been a member for quite some time. I don’t visit everyday but try to help as much as I am able. S4ar

Apparantly i have no imagination!

Didn’t occur to me to have a fancy user name when i signed up.

Maybe i will change it as it seems to be the theme on here today!

A very boring Laura x

Well all I can say to all that is I don’t know who is who anymore, but I shall stay as Janet so you know it’s ME… Janet X

My eldest daughter is called Lily - childhood nickname - avatar is my beloved Westie Whisky who died last year. I’ve tried to change photo to new puppy but dont seem to be able to manage it!! Alison x

My username was what I was nicknamed at school many years ago because I have dark big eyes like Bambi and the number was just random. Suppose my user name is even more appt now considering my legs are also like Bambi’s. And I just like the words on my avater hence why I have it :slight_smile:

Love the fact you are reading why they had a name as it is, but does not make sense till a further thread points out they have just changed their Name!!

VinceA as boring

Pic of Road Runner’s nemesis, Wyli.E.Cyote because that is my life before, during and after diagnosis! Always trying to reach his goal i.e. Road Runner. And is also one of the two tattoos I have on my ankles. The other one of course being Road Runner!

I picked “FrostPaw” twenty years ago as my name in a video game I was playing. Not changed it for anything ever since, it’s always the name I use, unless some dirty scrub imposter has registered it somewhere first. I like snow/icy blue environments and wolves, that’s about the extent of the thinking behind it!


My name is boring, its acturly my name and age (go figure!). But my pic is me playing crazy golf in the algarve (home of loads of golf courses). I hate golf with a passion, but i love the irony of it.


I used to be plain old Jon Wright but my avatar was of my favorite comic book charecter Raggamuffin, when I found out thatr you could change your profile name I thought I would just make it the same as my avatar.

Punk band from Belfast…Watch out for the movie “Good Vibrations”.

Tiny tiger because I’m a pussy cat with a wild side…

Mine is from the email address I used at the time I first joined the forum years ago, and is based on P-Funk, some of the funkiest music ever made (if you want to know what it sounds like, go to youtube and search for Parliament - Flash Light, or We Want the Funk). I’ve had the name for years though, so I’m pondering making a switch to The Pond.

My avatar is of my namesake, who just so happens to be a comic book character.