Boudica rides again! (ex MS43)

Allo! After having the username MS43 for some time, and now that I dont have MS, i`ve decided to re-name myself as Boudica.

This was prompted by Wb asking if that is who I am, when I said my hubby says I am trying to make the house open plan, with my constant knocks in my wheelie!

So that`s me new monika! I like it…think it goes particularly well with my new loo campaign, eh?

luv Boudica (ex MS43)

Excellent! Always nice to have a warrior queen in the house.



Oh I love it Boudica! Fab name and suits you.

It’s rather nice having a new user name eh?

Love Snow Leopard aka Pat x

When I first signed up on the forums I had no idea how prominent the user names would be.

I scouted round my desk for something I would remember and spotted the card for my dog groomers – hence Wendels! I think I will follow your example Poll and think of something more personal. I can keep my mad scootering avatar so that people know it’s me. (Althogh by rights I should change that to a wheelchair but I can’t find one I like – and this one has a dog in it so it’s very like me on my scooter outings)

I love the name Boudicca by the way – very you.


Pat, when you changed your name I immediately thought of Stelmaria, the magnificent and scary lady snow leopard (and Lord Asriel’s daemon) in Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials.’ Like Boudica, a force to be reckoned with!



Been away for a few days, came back and you’ve changed your name!!

Love your new name - can just picture you in your chariot!!

Keep on rolling!

Jen xx

Gosh Alison I had no idea! I saw a documentary one night about snow leopards and fell in love with them. Also I’m a Leo so seemed a good name.

This could start a ‘change your user name’ trend!

I agree with Wendals… when you first join you just think of anything that’ll do… but it’s nice to have a name that means something special.

Pat x (and I’ve always loved the name Alison) xx

Love the new user name! X

Ah Poll, love new name too. Think you may definitely start a new trend, might change my name too : ) Mish x

…and snow leopard of course! : ) Mish x

hi boudicca aka poll

nice new name!

carole x

Hiya yes I like it.

Funnily enough I had thought of changing mine as you see the dreaded words PIP and immediately think of atos. When in reality its pip who I hope doesn’t raise the blood pressure.


Will you be fitting sharp blades sticking out of the wheels of your chariot Poll - lt certainly gets people to shift out of your way.

Boudica - never know how to pronounce it. At school we use to say Bow - de - cee - a. Then in the last few years l have heard it pronounced as Boo- deek - a - and Boode-ca. Now that is going to confuse you Poll.

Hope you will find a suitable avatar.

lt does suit you - and good luck with your ‘views on loos’.

l don’t go to Tesco - as it is too big to get around and the loos are too far to get to - in time!!

We have a Waitrose - nearby which is a lovely small shop -but no loo. The same with Aldi. - l have had to abandon trolley and come home - then go back later after getting myself sorted out. Yes, that abandoned trolley could be mine.


Hehe Frank, was just going to ask the same thing! A bit messy but loooads of space!

Hi all! Yeh, i also like my new name.

Frances, I thought there were 2 names for the Icene warrior queen

ie Boudica (boodika) and Bodicea (bodeecia).

I cant work out how to do an avatar. have followed instructions, but it didnt work for me…afterall Boudeca didnt have a computer, did she?

luv Pollx

Great name Poll. Hope that you are keeping well. xxx

Moyna xxx

Hiya everyone. I’m not gonna change my username. It’s about the only thing i haven’t changed about myself this year lol. But I thought I would explain my username. Folksongs, because i LOVE folk music - 1988 cos that is the year i was born and 4 cos that’s how many siblings i have. love Bex xxx

That’s a fabulous name Poll!


Morning my army! Ha!

Theorising (Mary) has sent me some fab pics of Boudica on her chariot with rampant horses. I`m gonna try to make one my avatar.

Never had an avatar as cant seem to do it.

i`ll try again.

If im not successful, Ill be asking for very C L E A R instructions!

luv Pollx