Aha! Boudica has arrived!

Many, many thanks to the wonderful Stewart (mod) who found the magic to give me an avatar of Boudica…and not a dragon!

Now I am able to take my place as Queen of the Icene… good and proper!.

luv Pollx

That’s great Poll, I bet you feel so much better not having a Dragon as your avatar :slight_smile: Sue x

Aw, and I was looking forward to a piccy of a wheelchair with great big blades on the wheels …

But it is a great avatar.


Nice one Stewart - looking good Poll

:slight_smile: Mary

Hi Poll,it is a good Aviator,but I’m wondering about the Icene…Were they an ancient race of dyslexic flat pack furniture manufacturers?

Awaiting a kicking,

Wb xx

Hi Poll

Yey!!! I am so pleased Poll. Although you did give me lots of laughs with your posts about the dragon and your son in law.

Shazzie xx

l think it should be Queen of the Porcelain or Porcelene as this is your ‘fight for better bigger loos’

Nice avatar Poll

Lisa x

F, what about Bogdica?

S xx

Loving the new avatar Poll! Glad it’s sorted… Linda x

Glad you got the avatar you wanted Poll, he’s good isn’t he, Stewart that is.

Your new look is much better and thanks for the hugs.



Well done to Stewart

I’m so pleased for you Poll. Now you have an avatar that befits you and your role as fearsome campaigner of the Changing Rooms.

Tracey x

I had enough trouble getting this one…dont get me thinking about a different one…poor Stewart would resign!

luv Pollx


luv Pollx

Cheers to all my people!

luv Pollx