this chuffin` avatar malarky

Oooo…been trying to get an avatar showing my new name Boudica.

No matter how many of you patient folk told me what to do…I was baffled.

So, my son in law has just spent 30 mins trying to sort it for me.

When I said cut and paste was gobbledegook to me, he shook his head and said Oh dear! So he set about the job! I chose a picture of my namesake, saved it to my pictures, got it onto my profile…but it was too big. he faffed about for ages trying to reduce it down.

Eventually he cried Eureka! There you are, its done!`

I looked at it…oh no…wrong picture…it`s of a dragon! Or do you think he may have done it on purpose? Nah, I know he wouldnt do such a thing to his favourite ma in law!

Well I said thankyou and didnt say it was the wrong piccy.

Oh well…there you go. Cant alter it now.

luv Pollx

But what a lovely dragon Poll!

I am only just getting used to Boudica and now you confuse me even more!


Hi Poll

lmao & rofl its funny your son in law uploading a dragon

;-))))))))))))))))) Mary

LOL! Only you Poll :slight_smile:

Karen x

It’s a wonderful dragon!!! Breathing fire and working it’s way into legend.

Perfect Poll !!!

Pat xxx

So there we have it…Fire,Brimstone and Boudica…I’m going to hide now

Wb x

I am keeping my mouth firmly zipped


H,are you feeling alright? I’m actually going to print this Thread off,'cos that isn’t something I see on here that often.

S xx

Lol Poll - it will be totally memorable. Just like you! Teresa xx

surely he didn’t do it on purpose

It is a lovely dragon, and it does kind of go with your changing places campaign lol! I’m sure you can be quite fearsome if you need to be … :wink:

Tracey x

Are ytou breathing fire again!!!

C x

Hiya Poll

I have PMd you.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

Ta everyone…i dont wanna be a dragon…I want Boudeca.

luv Pollx

I too had a difficult time; wanted to put up a picture from my personal pictures, but it was never exactly 80 x 80 pixels. I ended up going onlint to look for an icon that was the right size. Luckily I found one to suit, but it’s not easy. I love your dragon, Poll. x

Just been looking at some striking images of Queen Boudica and learning about who she was…seems she was from East of England. Fascinating story. She had flaming long red hair, piercing eyes and a harsh voice…grrrr! Various stories about where she died…one theory is beneath Kings Cross station in London!

Ronnigee…I still dont wanna be a dragon.

luv Pollx

Sure, Poll, I can understand you not wanting to be a dragon, but dragons are protectors in mythology…shame the M-in-Law association has somewhat taken over the original meaning… lol

Perhaps you could do what I did, look online for images in ‘icon’ size and find one you especially like, save it to your computer and it’s simple to upload, so long as you choose one at 80 x 80 pixels. Good hunting.

Ronni x

Boudica was Queen of the Iceni tribe from here in the East of England. We have a replica Iceni village at Cockley Cley about 30 miles away and it is fascinating to see how they used to live in roundhouses with iron age implements. Also at Norwich Castle you can ride on the back of Boudica’s chariot behind a video of the horses complete with smells and sounds, it’s great fun! It’s meant to be for children I think, but why should they have all the fun? I loved it!

If you enjoy reading, you should look out for the Boudica trilogy by Manda Scott. It tells the story of Boudica from young girl to fearsome warrior queen who almost defeated the Romans. Really powerful fiction. When I finished the third book, I felt truly bereft. Boudica was one of the good things about this part of the country - Norfolk doesn’t seem to have such a good reputation these days :wink:

Tracey x

Hi Poll - your dragon is lovely. A real symbol of strength and wisdom. Wisdom wisdom min now you’re being daft dragons and wisdom where’s you’re evidence!!! Well I know for sure our Poll has oodles of wisdom. An aviator Poll - you don’t know you’re born. What I would give to have an aviator. In the olden days it would be a given. An aviator for everyone. We would all line up in a row and have to act our aviator out to be assigned the correct one. That is after licking road clean with our tongues…!!! So ok I am expecting men in white coats this afternoon!!! Any how to get an aviator clues? Or poll perhaps your lovely son in law could visit. What I would give for a son in law … Stop it Min you are being silly as usual Hugs and nonsense Min xx

Hi Tracey, yeh, what a fascinating lady Boudeca was. Thanks for the info about her.

luv Pollx

Hi Min, dont mean to sound a clever dick (cos I am clearly not) but its avatar` not aviator!

Still waiting for someone to do it for me. Too heavy for my brain.

luv Pollx