Afternoon chums.

Please can someone tell me…in the most simplistic way possible…how I get an avatar?

i cant even begin to know how!

Ta lots.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll Where your user name is on the right handside at the top of home page it will say at the side of that My homepage, click on that Once you’ve gone to your hompage click on my profile, then click edit, then click profile hey presto you should now have the option to upload an avatar Hope you manage to do it Sue xx

Hi Poll

I hope you’ve googled for a good picture to go with your new user name. Boudica on her chariot riding into battle with council officials re changing places . I think there is a preference for the size of your avatar picture so just make sure the one you’ve chosen fits in with that. (I’m sure it tells you when you get to the bit about uploading it). You’ll need to right click on the googled picture and save it to your picture folder first so you can upload it.

Tracey x

aaarrggghh…still cant chuffin` do it…gggrrr

luv Pollx

Think I`ve found the problem, but I dont know what to do about it…I havent got any pics in my files.

Hubby said something about pasting and copying…i give up!

luv Pollx

Right! Been googling avatar, then images of boudica…found plenty…but no idea how to get one on my profile.

Think Ill have to wait till a tinternet expert visits us…son in law or grandson.

Over and out

goodnite all.