missing avatar?

Just noticed my avatar of Boudicca in her chariot has been twoked! Dunno when the theft happened!

I can’t re-do it cos I am useless at that stuff.

Any volunteers to do it for me please? Ta muchly!


i’ve heard of other people losing theirs too but one day they popped back.

seems to be one of the glitches that has happened since the site revamp.

maybe ask one of the mods or admin.

otherwise wait and hope it pops back on.

it was such a perfect avatar for you too.


Thank you, but dunno what to do…even with your kind explanation! Told you, I’m fik!


For someone to help do your avatar Poll, they would need your password. The best idea would be to speak to admin, then just change your password after if they agree to sort it for you.

Good luck xx

You can do it Poll. Give it a go.

You have to have the pic you want saved where you would save a pic in your document file on your computer and then following Jen’s instructions. You can always PM one of us if you get stuck. It will be fun to do.

Shazzie xx

I don’t have any pics saved…oh this is getting harder…



I can be a good pal, a caring missus, a doting grandma, a funny storyteller, a loving mum,…


I am a useless techno head!


Right Poll.

First of all type in google what you would like as your avatar. For example “dog cartoon” and all the dog cartoons come up. Right click on the picture with your mouse and drag down to “save” and type in the save box what you want to save it as.

Now do you understand that so far Poll?

Shazzie xx