I had an avatar then it just disapeared, evidently updates, anyway tryed to up load one but no it wouldn’t except it even though it was well within the sizes stated.

So I left it and thought I’ll do it later, mistake now I can’t even find how to upload it.

How ?


i’m with you. Can’t up load one at all. I need a step by step guide how to do it. Avatar that is!!




You might find rizzo’s reply to this http://www.mssociety.org.uk/node/627938 helpful

I tried to upload one yesterday and gave up, I’ve yet to summon up the energy to try again today following these instructions.

Try giing into MY PROFILE then press edit and that should allow you to upload an avatar.


I did it!!!

Don’t ask me how. But I feel a lot better now, I have an Avatar.

Pleased as punch.


C x

AAHH ! hope i havent lost mine, took me ages to get it x

I’m seeing avatars galore on this thread though mine went for a while earlier. Wonder if it’s back?

Greg [admin]

Like Kaz said, go into profile, click on edit and browse for an avatar either on the web or use one of your own photo’s, when you have one to size click upload.

I chose one of my own pictures to up-load.

Jacky x