Is it the right avatar?

I was looking at my Avatar this morning and thinking how it demonstrates my SPMS.

When I created the avatar a few years ago I thought the scooter rider with a little dog summed up my MS-ness nicely. Then I became SP and if I were making it now I’d be in a wheelchair. I still use my scooter every day to walk the dog but the wheelchair is my public face – I’ve looked at wheelchair avatars but I can’t find one I like so I think I’ll stick to my scooter.

My daughter suggested that I sell my scooter and walk the dog with my chair - I was quite shocked. I’m emotionally attached to my little red Stirling so perhaps it’s the right avatar after all.


Yeh, looks fine to me!


I love your avatar, don’t change it!

Avatar looks great, can’t say the same for the girl driving it. Only joking !!!

My avatar is taken from a detail of a painting I did of a blacksmith beating a red hot piece of iron on an anvil. I thought it summed up MS-ishness about right.

What do other member’s avatars mean and what inspired them?


i was desperate to find an avatar that would fit, as i’m really clueless about anything computer related. i was lucky enough to stumble upon one that both fits the allowed gap, and seems quite apt as it looks like a black hole and is quite a nice image… perfect for both happy days and sad. i love your avatar though!

wendy x

Hi Jane, There is nothing wrong with your avatar, in fact when I see it I know it’s you so please don’t change it. By the way where does Wendels come from is it the name of your dog? I think it sums up ms beautifully. Like you Jane I also have SP and use my scooter but in public I have to use my wheelchair. Stay as you are, please. Janet x

My user name is ridiculous! When I was signing up I had no idea it would become such a feature of the posts. I scouted round my desk for an idea and found a card from my dog groomers - Wendells. If I had put some effort into it I would have chosen something meaningful. Some people have wonderful usernames - Woblyboy and Boudica to name just a couple. I played with the idea of changing it but I have been Wendels - the old bat on the scooter so long that I am loath to be anything else.


Ahh Jane, Old bat you are not. When I read your replies to posts you have given such good advice, using the knowledge you have gained it would be such a shame to change, especially Wendels. I can imagine you taking Wendels for a walk on your scooter. I just wish I was able to give better advice so I try to boost people’s morale instead., although like you I have the knowledge but am unable to express it in the way that you do. Janet x