gutsy broads!

Hi friends!

Feeling better in mesel this past few days. I do believe all your kind replies helped a great deal.

Now then, todays post title refers to yours and my mate… our Boudicca.

Just read a childrens book on her from tlibrary. I ordered it not knowing it was for kids! But, hey, it makes for a good quick, informative read.

I was christened Boudica by a fella on here…perhaps you know who you are and will tell me. It was maybe last year, when I was carping…campainging for Changing Places loos. I was banging on about em, after using 2 in Blackers and Leeds. Boy! are they good! Hoists, changing tables, room for a carer at each side of tloo…brilliant!

For those of you who dont know owt about Boudica…here`s a potted history…and the similaities twixt she and I, are amazing!

She was born in east anglia region, to royalty and had red hair, in 20 AD, loved bling and was rather bolshy…yeh, like yours truly!..apart from the royalty bit of course…but isnt Yorkshire a special place to come from?

Our Bou had 2 daughters…me too…after her OH died, the romans took her land and oh no! she werent having any of that mallarky! She rose up against em, gathered armies from near and far and squished oodles of the off cumdens (a Yorkshire term from outsiders moving in).

She beat `em at Colchester, London and St Albans, but eventually after many victories she was defeated by, of all names, a geezer called Paulinus! She took a poison as she vowed never to be a slave for the romans.

I know, someone named the same as me…Pauline…ended her reign…so am I fighting mesen? Feels like that sometimes!

I`m proud to be nicknamed Boudica…what a lady…what a champion…fantastic!

The morale of the story is…keep going guys and gals, and although it is sometimes like trying to run up a down escalator, fight the good fight and battle onwards for as long as you can, yeh?

much, much love n stuff, Boudica…aka

Being a kid’s book they omitted whta they did to her and her daughters that really pissed them off…

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I do know this but preferred not to say!


Poll - - At school we called her Bo - de - see - a. lts only a few years ago l started to hear people pronounce it Boo - dicka.

Which one shall we call you.

Yes, terrible what them Romans did to her and her daughters.

Can’t say the Romans didn’t poke the bear… When did she have time to pose for her statue ? If we all wish hard enough she might come alive all Night at the Museum and go kick some politician butt…

Hi, according to that marvelous little book…she wasn`t called Bodicea until eons after her demise. We brits called her that, as it sounds softer.

They reckoned she wouldnt have liked the softer version…no, me neither. I am defo Boudicca…but I spell it with 1 c.


Hi Frances, you too, are a very Boudica type broad, in your chariot and with those hounds accompanying you. My type of lass!