my book


Threre`s been quite a few mentions of me writing a book…a humerous one…and what to call it.

Mmm, let me think…I guess using my username Boudica in the title could be a good idea.

There are several books already published about the real Boudica…not read any, only learned snippets about the lady. I should really get one to read fully.

Boudica and I have some things in common. ;;;;

red hair

ride a chariot

have 2 daughters

have a feisty attitude

can be very bossy!!!

Watch the book stores guys!


Ditto the hair colour for me. Red-heads ain’t to be messed with

Yeah go on I dare ya… Nah double dare ya Write a book and keep us lot entertained Lynn XX

Yeah<you really do need to put all these storys into a book, my daughter was in histerics when i read her the tale about the fire the firemen and you having no knickers on, that would be a good way to start getting people interested from the begining.

Good luck and i would certainly buy a copy (sighned of course).